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News & Advice

Good News! It looks like LB may still qualify for Head Start! They base eligibility on last year's taxes, and I didn't start my new job until January, so I still fall within the Po' White trash guidelines. That means no moving her to the more expensive, but closer ( literally, downstairs) daycare. No filing another… Continue reading News & Advice

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2-Week notice

I'm in 2-week notice limbo. After the initial panic, my boss gathered her wits and asked me to write a list of everything I do on a daily basis, so she can see what type of person she wants to hire. Little did she know, the school district was not planning on hiring a replacement… Continue reading 2-Week notice

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4 Tens

Since school is out as of May 22nd, we 12-month employees have two options for the summer: A) Continue to work regular schedule.  B) Work Monday-Thursday, 10 hour shifts. Exsqueeze me? Get a whole extra day with LB? Take 3-day camping trip weekends? WORD. If I work from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm without taking… Continue reading 4 Tens