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2 days left

Sorry I'm late on my post today. I'm working on something  for Rocky Mountain Moms blog, so that should be up soon. Kori just posted her first one too! I spent an hour on the phone with my egg donation attorney, making sure I understand the legal issues surrounding this complicated process, and damn, I forgot… Continue reading 2 days left

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Buffet for the soul

My daughter really is amazing. Mostly I just think of her as a very adaptable, intelligent, out-going, observant little 2 and a half year old. Every compliment she receives, I usually brush off with a "oh, stop." I'm the one who needs to stop, because she deserves every bit of praise. Its hard to stop and… Continue reading Buffet for the soul

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Back to it

First day back to work was exhausting. I didn't stop answering the phone or filling out paperwork all day long. After a few hours though, you kind of get into your groove, like a runner at mile 11 in a marathon. Maybe I can track thisenjoyment back to my days as a pizza delivery girl, or waiting… Continue reading Back to it


Erase your life

Since I've washed the blogging slate clean (September at least), I might as well get on the ball and start replacing my life with a new one. In my new life, I am a C-Cup who still can wear size 8 shoes. I no longer attempt to force my post-pregnancy feet into my pre-pregnancy heels, and I can shop the entire lingerie… Continue reading Erase your life

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Thursday = Friday

On top of everything else that's going on. I started my 4-tens this week. Maybe this was a good thing, because the amount of work that is on my plate right now is almost too much for me to swallow. I keep telling myself that I'm going to see the actual surface of my desk… Continue reading Thursday = Friday