So.... Went to happy hour and ate Carribean Jerk pizza with kiddo and grandma after work Friday. Met up with friends for a microbrew benefit later that night. Lost shirt at Young Buck's Friday night (yeah, I was that girl). Made Sangria Saturday morning. Finally removed studded snow tires Saturday afternoon. Got sunburned (damn Colorado). Went to a birthday … Continue reading Werewolf


Meeting with Rooferman and his parents tonight. Not really the way I wanted to start my weekend, but at least it will be over with after this. I woke up feeling really good today, too. Then I read that the state of Colorado may have to cut 1/3 of my employer's jobs, or force the … Continue reading Cuts

Without her presence

I took a lot of naps this weekend. I stared at the wall for long periods of time too. I wrapped myself in a blanket and watched Netflix. I read Anne Lamott. I watched the Broncos. I drank tea. I took more naps. I also killed a bottle of wine by myself. My grandparents came up … Continue reading Without her presence

Sick in so many ways

Woke up with a screaming sore throat and runny nose. Tummy was acting all wierd too. Probably isn't helping that I hopped aboard the monthly train to hormone town this morning. Popped some green tea, Pro-biotics, Emergen-C and one of those "created by a school teacher" pills, in hopes I would get myself into the Monday … Continue reading Sick in so many ways