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Daycare knows best

I went to pick up LB after work, and noticed that the signature on Tuesday was not Rooferman's. Guess who is now picking up my daughter for her boyfriend? Yeah, Blondie. I pointed out to the daycare employees that she is not on the authorized pick-up list. They informed me that LB's dad had come in… Continue reading Daycare knows best

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“You’ve made your point”

That was the first text message I received from Rooferman. The next one told me to "stay away from his family" and I had "already ruined his Christmas enough already." Unfortunately for him, both of his parents love me dearly and he has no control over our relationship, and (guess what!) we have to deal with each… Continue reading “You’ve made your point”

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During mediation, Rooferman threw a curve ball, insisting that he "never said he moved out" and I "totally misunderstood" what he was trying to say. Apparently he stayed with "a buddy" for one night and he and Blondie are still living together at their old house. This doesn't explain why he didn't want me to… Continue reading Blondie