Daycare knows best

I went to pick up LB after work, and noticed that the signature on Tuesday was not Rooferman’s. Guess who is now picking up my daughter for her boyfriend? Yeah, Blondie.

I pointed out to the daycare employees that she is not on the authorized pick-up list. They informed me that LB’s dad had come in and told them he has a legal right to make his own pick-up list. Obviously he put Bimbo Blondie’s name on it.

 Blondie obviously has educated Rooferman on his legal rights. The legal rights that he never showed any interest in until he met her. What a coincidence. Really, what is she getting out of being his cheerleader/maid/nanny/cook/attorney/brain?

I left the daycare center, fuming. One of LB’s teachers stopped me outside and apologized for the situation. I told her it wasn’t her fault, legally I have to let any idiot Rooferman deems worthy pick up my daughter on his days. Just another thing I have to get used to as a single mother. The teacher said, “I know, but personally I think its BS. I would be just as angry as you are right now.”

Blondie and Rooferman can play their little games. The daycare people know who takes care of LB. They know I’m the one who comes to the parent meetings, and volunteers in the classroom. Its my name on the check they receive every month. They know who to credit LB’s bubbling personality to. They got my back.

I asked “Spot” (LB’s male teacher) when I had to start looking for a new daycare. He gave me a look of horror.

“She’s the youngest one in the classroom! Why would you start looking for another daycare?

I told him that yes, she will be turning 3 this summer and didn’t I need to move her to a pre-school class next? Spot shook his head and said, “Oh we’ll just start lying about her age at that point so she can stay in our class. We’ll fake a birth certificate if we have to.”

Kinda warms your heart when someone else loves your kid, doesn’t it? Its definitely not helping my crush on him either.

“You’ve made your point”

That was the first text message I received from Rooferman.

The next one told me to “stay away from his family” and I had “already ruined his Christmas enough already.” Unfortunately for him, both of his parents love me dearly and he has no control over our relationship, and (guess what!) we have to deal with each other for the rest of our daughter’s life.

I was hesitant to send  LB to his house today. I was scared she wasn’t coming back and I would have no back-up to reclaim her. Luckily, the blow was softened by Grandma Ruby, who did the transport to his house in the morning. I still had to face him this evening to pick her up.

Durango has been sheathed in ice, so I literally slid up to Rooferman’s door at 7:30 pm. My sister and her awesome girlfriend were sitting in the car, waiting for me. I knocked on the door. Blondie’s face appeared.

“She’ll be ready in a second.”

The door slammed in my face.

LB emerged from the house a moment later, tear-stricken and screaming “Mommy!”


Rooferman wouldn’t even come to the door. Blondie obviously has expressed her feelings toward me as well. I am Satan.

Honestly, I was just relieved to get my daughter back. Parenting shouldn’t be this hellish of an experience. I see the lawyer on Tuesday.

P.S. Remember that job I took a test for? I received notification today that I scored an 89% , ranking me third out of all 70 applicants. They only interview the top 3. I’m calling tomorrow to set it up. Keep your fingers crossed for me and the extra $1000 a month I would make.


During mediation, Rooferman threw a curve ball, insisting that he “never said he moved out” and I “totally misunderstood” what he was trying to say. Apparently he stayed with “a buddy” for one night and he and Blondie are still living together at their old house. This doesn’t explain why he didn’t want me to pick up LB at his house for  3 consecutive nights, but I really don’t see how I can figure this out unless I hire a freakin’ PI.

So I went to pick up the Gemini child at their house like nothing had happened, and everyone was sitting around the TV, happy as clams. Actually Rooferman sounded pretty bad. He was hacking up a lung while Blondie put LB’s coat on. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me, let alone say hi.

I then proceeded to tell him that my mom has offered to pick up our daughter from daycare on Thursday since we both will be in court. He tried to pull the ole’ switcheroo again,  but I reminded him that we have to go back to mediation on Friday.

“WHAT?” Blondie shrieked, “You went to mediation last night!”

“Uh, it was rescheduled for Friday,” Rooferman fumbled.

Then I realized I had let the cat out of the bag. I looked at Blondie’s spastic face, while she continued to yell. “The judge said you had to go once, not twice. You are NOT going back to mediation. We can’t afford it!”

“We’ll see what the judge says on Thursday,” Rooferman said meekly.

I decided that was my cue to leave.

I really wanted to tell her that it wasn’t any of her business what we did, that THEY were the ones who filed for a new judge, and therefore prolonging this whole ugly ordeal.  I wanted to tell her that lawyers cost a whole lot more than mediators, and if she wants to push this thing to trial then she should get ready to file for bankruptcy.  I wanted to tell her that maybe she shouldn’t have put herself in a situation where she and kids were financially dependent on a man who’s got too much on his plate. I really wanted to laugh and say “welcome to my past” but I didn’t want a scene from Jerry Springer to transpire in front of my daughter (and hers!).

Blondie probably thinks I’m ruining her life. Its Christmas and yeah, EVERYONE is broke.  Everyone is scared about how they are going to pay for rent, let alone presents. $100 per hour definitely hurts, but its also going to help. Its for our daughter’s welfare. Its necessary. Unfortunately for Blondie, Rooferman has been wrapped around her finger and has been focusing on her priorities until now and she’s pissed about it. She’s probably scared too. I used to be scared all the time when I was with him.

Court should be interesting tomorrow. I’m expecting a crazed blond girl to jump over the bar and claw my eyes out if I even mention continuing mediation.

I really don’t want to hurt another single mom, but I have to do whats best for my daughter. I hope she can understand that.