Boiling Over

Its day 2 of my new job and I'm exhausted. Last night I was sicker than a dog. I have no clue why. I think I really may have IBS or an ulcer or something, because these "episodes" are getting more frequent and have brought me to a whole new level of scary. I was sweaty and … Continue reading Boiling Over

Mommy, you make me cry.

I walked into work crying today, and my boss immediately called her hubby to come "tap" on me. They really care about me, which is going to make leaving this job (if it ever happens) even harder. Last night was rough. Rooferman actually picked up LB at daycare for the first time (and before they closed!) and … Continue reading Mommy, you make me cry.

Too much on his plate

Since the Judge ordered Rooferman to attempt to see his daughter 3x a week now, I got a call from His Deadbeatness to set up last night's visitation. He was as sweet as pie to the Judge, professing he 'hadn't seen his daughter in a long time, and that's all he wanted to do." So I … Continue reading Too much on his plate


After court, I returned to my office and went directly to the restroom. I've been hiding in the girl's room for purposes of crying since elementary school.  I think its a female tradition (or maybe just mine). As I lurched out of the stall, I felt a sick wave of white light pass over my eyes. It felt like I had just … Continue reading Aftermath


I've been feeling a uncanny sense of peace this past week. I don't know if its because I've been practicing some hippie stress relief tips (and no, its not weed smoking), or if its the comforting repetition of last year's egg donation process. Once again I will be lining up vials of medicine, attaching needles, … Continue reading Uncanny

Single Mom, Interrupted

I know everyone keeps telling me that the season change effects everyone in different ways. At 6500 feet, people complain of vertigo, nausea and headaches this time of year. The first fall cold has been running its course through the office and daycare, and yes, there's the horrid aspect of losing soul-feeding sunlight. The combination of earlier bedtimes and darker … Continue reading Single Mom, Interrupted

Hurting the Public

I had absolutely no time to blog yesterday. I didn't even have time to eat lunch. I lost count of how many angry phone calls I answered. Here's a recap: One mom told me I obviously didn't know what I was talking about, and I might as well forward her to someone who "can actually … Continue reading Hurting the Public