Ceres was active on both Mother's Day this year (Square my natal Uranus) and today when it conjuncted both Mars and my natal sun in Pisces. I admit I've had difficulty bringing to life the aspects of femininity in Astrology, as it's such a male-dominated world of archetypes. Moon, Venus and thankfully, the Asteroid Goddesses … Continue reading Ceres

Single Mom Movie Review: Home for the Holidays

CONFESSION: I've watched this movie every year around Thanksgiving since it came out in 1995. I was 13 and it was VHS favorite of my mother's. I still consider it the best Thanksgiving Movie (not that there's a lot) ever created. Let me tell you how this movie stands the test of time: Family Dysfunction … Continue reading Single Mom Movie Review: Home for the Holidays

Lean on

My friend is going through a break-up. It's been devastating for her, magnified x1000 because she also suffers from anxiety and depression. It's  bad enough feeling severed from something even in the best of circumstances, so yeah..I feel terrible for her. My last break-up was with my babydaddy, and it was so traumatic that I … Continue reading Lean on

Green Chile

Ahhhh the therapeutic ritual of prepping chile:
Peeling off the blackened, fire roasted layer of skin. Stripping the seeds off the slimy vegetable flesh; reminds me of octopus tentacles. Pulling out the pulpy green innards... Straight up GUTTING, Yo.

Let Down

Ok so I've been in a funk. I'm low. I'm trying to sort it out. Obviously I'm not in love with Young Buck. Our relationship consisted of 1 kiss, 4 weeks of texting, 1 phone call,  3 orgasms and some missing clothing. I didn't want anything more than that.  But now my phone is quiet. The … Continue reading Let Down


So.... Went to happy hour and ate Carribean Jerk pizza with kiddo and grandma after work Friday. Met up with friends for a microbrew benefit later that night. Lost shirt at Young Buck's Friday night (yeah, I was that girl). Made Sangria Saturday morning. Finally removed studded snow tires Saturday afternoon. Got sunburned (damn Colorado). Went to a birthday … Continue reading Werewolf

The Phone

Young Buck finally cajoled me into calling him. I was getting pretty frustrated with my POS keyboard, and I'm afraid I'm going to get a $200 phone bill next month from over-texting, so I broke down and talked to him in person. Ironing out the details of a FWB relationship is a little uh...awkward.  I … Continue reading The Phone