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You all remember "Spot" right? Click here to or Here  refresh your memory. Its kind of a running joke between us, the whole "Spot" thing. He actually signs her daily sheets with "Spot" instead of his real name. He's been LB's teacher at her daycare for almost a year now. She runs to hug him in… Continue reading Spot

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Without her presence

I took a lot of naps this weekend. I stared at the wall for long periods of time too. I wrapped myself in a blanket and watched Netflix. I read Anne Lamott. I watched the Broncos. I drank tea. I took more naps. I also killed a bottle of wine by myself. My grandparents came up… Continue reading Without her presence

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Dating disaster

I wrote a long, bitter post about Singles Meet and Greet, but I just felt even most pissed off after completing it, so I figured if I can't even make myself feel better after purging the feelings, why publish pointless negativity? Honestly it wasn't that bad. There weren't any stalkers there. The food was good and… Continue reading Dating disaster

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The child’s best interest

I fell into bed last night at 9:30 pm. I still slept through my alarm this morning. I don't know how much sleep is going to satisfy me. I had 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep last night. Why am I still tired? Still having crazy dreams. Saturday night I dreamed Michael Jackson was married… Continue reading The child’s best interest