Uncle Fester is coming

This week, my office received the news that John McCain would be making a brief stop in our quaint little mountain town of Durango. Where would he hold his rally? Why at the high school of course. I certainly picked a good year to work for a school district eh?

Our safety director has been on the phone with the Secret Service. Our high school principal is about to eat her hat. The whole administration is biting their nails, wonder why the hell Mr. McCain decided to make a speech at 2:30, when buses, pedestrians, and 1500 teenage drivers will all be attempting to leave the high school parking lot, while the rest of the town tries to enter.

The last presidential candidate to come to the 4 Corners area was Ralph Nader in 2000, and before that it was JFK. We don’t get much political exposure in Durango, but we do stand out from the rest of Colorado as primarily Democrat. When Colorado went red for Bush in the last election, La Plata county went for Kerry. Our college’s student-run Republican club has 3 members. This is probably why the McCain camp chose the high school instead of our Cliff Bar-eating, snowboard obsessed, pot-smoking college campus.

Being a good liberal, I had planned to take my lunch break and go march with the rest of the Democrats before Uncle Fester rolls into. Then I received an email from the Director of Public Information: All school district employees are to remain “neutral” during school hours and will not show any preference to either political party, according to school district policy. 

I guess that kills my plan to be Obama’s Mama for Halloween. I may have to take Liz’s suggestion and be a Snow Leopard instead.

P.S. This blog’s content does not reflect the political opinions of the Durango School District, or the employees of that district. Its only the Piscean ramblings of a 26-year-old single mom.

Hockey Mom Red vs. Single Parent Blue

Watching the presidential debate made me tense, but just looking at Sarah Palin’s face multiplied that tension by a thousand. Her energy was right up there with a crack addict’s. It wasn’t an inspirational, confident energy, it was a cheek-eating smile, frantically trying to search for the right words, soccer-mom on meth energy. She stressed me out. I couldn’t look at her.

Joe Biden’s energy was calm, reassuring, confident, wise, and controlled. His voice was such a polar opposite to Palin’s, that watching them go back and forth was like swimming a marathon: Hold your breath, take a breath, exhale, inhale, clench, release, tense-up, relax.

Biden was such a soothing presence to Palin’s Gee-Willy-Gosh-Darnit-Up-There-In-Alaska fever. When he talked about losing his wife and being a single parent, I got all choked up. As soon as Palin starting talking about her special needs child, I was like “Oh Christ, there it is. She lowered the boom.” Biden shot right back though, telling the audience that he knows just as well as any other parent what its like to have a kid who might not make it. YOU GO BOY!

Its Friday. The high for this Sunday is expected to be 48 degrees. Oh God, is winter really that close already? Now I’m off to get Rooferman served. Wish me luck so the cops can actually find  him, and he doesn’t make a psychotic appearance this weekend.

Psycho Hose Beast

 Stacy from Wayne's World

This post should do wonders for my “camel toe” google searches. Eat your heart out sickos.
Right off a cliff
Right off a cliff
My mom sent me this cartoon. She also currently has the following quote as her email signature:  
“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth–persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
-John F. Kennedy    
Thanks for keeping it real Mom. I know you haven’t been happy with your country in a long time. I hope I can change that this November.
 I am appalled and horrified that insanity like this has made it to the Colorado ballot, and I for one will try my hardest to put a stop to it. I am ashamed Colorado is the first state in history to even present such a ludicrous definition of humanity. Can you imagine the monstrosity that would become the Colorado legal system if this amendment were to pass? It honestly makes me want to cry.

Doting Feminist?

I never expected my mother to be one of those cream-puff haired, pie-making, fawing grandmas, especially since “having kids” was taboo talk before I had a college diploma firmly glued to my hand. When I was a kid, I used to sing the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” theme song (Turtle Power!), which my mother promptly changedto “Teenage Mutant Baby Walkers” everytime she saw a teen mom walking down the street.

When I told her I was pregnant, her response was sad and disapointed, but mostly, I could hear fear in her voice, which only scared the sh** out of ME of course! Now, as LB passes her 2nd year of life, I think my mom is finally starting to enjoy being a grandma. I think the joy is beginning to outweigh the fear she has for me a single mom, and for LB.

My mom always says its not me she doesn’t have faith in, its the world. I tell her, yeah the world is broken, the earth is dying, the people are slowing killing each other, but I’m not going to raise my daughter to be afraid. Even if freak weather patterns wash out America’s Heartland, and gas gets so expensive we have to start bartering gallons for loaves of bread, if Colorado faces its most dangerous fire season in a century,  its my generation’s job to fix it, not run from it.

People talk about my generation as the self-centered, over-dramatic, desensitized, attention-hungry, multi-tasking, new media/communication focused-generation. We are also the generation that needs to figure out how the population will survive in the future. I say we are going to need all these “flaws” to help us get through the upcoming decades, because we are going to face some damn hard times. Obviously, its happening already.

Why do I think this? Because I look at my mom, and I see her cry almost everyday. I look at my dad, and I see his spirit wilted at the end of his workday. I see their idealistic, hippie world slowly falling into a lost memory, a diminished hope. Their generation was one of big hearted love, social change, and unity. The world we live in today is barely a glimmer of that love, and it hurts my parents.

Maybe I am desensitized. Maybe I need to be desensitized to face the future. Maybe my parents’ generation is neither emotionally, mentally nor physically ready to face the horror of a world that is falling apart. Then again, maybe I’m just being over-dramatic, going off on one of my typical piscean tangents. Maybe I’ve watched “The Day after Tomorrow” one too many times.

All I can say is that until recently, I’ve never prayed. I’ve never been inspired by politics. I’ve never been more determined to make the future world a better place to live. And the reason? Well, you saw her picture up there at the top.