Goodbye 2008

I finally listened to the messages. My voicemail was entirely full, so I was starting to worry about missing important calls. Rooferman called 10 times alone on Christmas, professing I was a heartless b**** for not letting me talk to his daughter on HIS day. This is from a man who has NEVER called to … Continue reading Goodbye 2008

Digging his own grave

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I invited Rooferman to the Christmas Party at LB's daycare. He didn't show. LB gave Santa the lazy eye the entire time, so I'm thinking she knew it was her teacher from the start. I tried to convince her that Santa was "Scott's Grandpa" so she wouldn't be so … Continue reading Digging his own grave

Cause & Effect

Rooferman bailed on LB yesterday. His "other daughters" were sick. He asked if he could see her today instead. I had agreed to work at a school last night, so as soon as he called, I flipped a U-ee  in the middle of the road, hauling ass back to daycare. I was already late to the school, and … Continue reading Cause & Effect

Love, Logic & Laughter

I had a great time last night at my parenting class.  I'm definitely the only single mom, but I'm kind of bonding with some of these strange, married creatures. We get free pizza too, which I'm sure the Over-eaters Anonymous group REALLY appreciates smelling down the hall.  We were presented with a situation where a 3-year-old … Continue reading Love, Logic & Laughter

Guitar Hero Parenting

Yesterday as I was driving Boo Boo Bear home from daycare, I heard this coming from the back seat: "Sloww Wide....Tekkit Eassyyyy" I commenced full-on hysterical laughing, much to my daughter's delighted confusion. I asked her if "Spot" at daycare had taught her that. "Spot" is what she now calls her teacher, instead of "Scott." … Continue reading Guitar Hero Parenting

Where is “Single Parenting” Magazine?

I used to buy diapers off the Internet, and since I was such a fabulous customer (whatev), they also gave me a free subscription to Parenting Magazine. How much do I hate this magazine ? Let me count the ways. You tell me that being a "hot mama" consists of stealing your teenage daughter's hot … Continue reading Where is “Single Parenting” Magazine?