Macklemore & Gemini

I was messing around on Giphy this week, trying to articulate my feeling bombarded by Gemini energy; I live with two, my boyfriend and my (now) 11-year old daughter. Since the Eclipse, I feel like the planets have turned up the volume considerably, and after a particularly rough week, I just wanted some quiet. As… Continue reading Macklemore & Gemini


Neptune in Sag & the birth of electronic music

Of course as you're focusing on a specific topic, similar things just seem to come out of the woodwork. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Heightened Awareness? Call it what you will ūüėČ So as I'm doing research on Music & Astrology (more specifically the birth of Techno & my own generation of Neptune in Sagittarius), I came across… Continue reading Neptune in Sag & the birth of electronic music

single mom

Band Names

I may have mentioned that my dad is a musician.¬†At 55, he's never been lucky¬†enough to¬†hit the big time, but living in a small¬†town, you get to be somewhat of a big fish.¬†¬†My dad is a mediumfish in Durango.¬†He's like a very¬†eccentric, peace-loving Tuna. ¬†He's also been a character actor of¬†career paths¬†throughout his life, but… Continue reading Band Names