Single mom review of “About a Boy”

Couples aren't the future. You gotta have back up.               - Marcus in About a Boy. I've never really liked Hugh Grant. I liked him even less when he cheated on the hotness that is Elizabeth Hurley. I didn't enjoy Notting Hill. I really enjoyed him getting punched by Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' Diary. … Continue reading Single mom review of “About a Boy”


There was the usual drama with Rooferman yesterday.I took his mom out to see a movie while LB was gone yesterday, and she asked me to return his cell phone that he left at Home Depot. I figured I might win some serious brownie points, and maybe at least get a "thank you" out of Rooferman … Continue reading Paperwork


Hey everyone. I woke up every day this week thinking it was Sunday, so now that I'm actually facing returning to work tomorrow, I finally feel normal*. *Indication number one that you have no life. There are three posts I really want to write. Obviously, since this has become my new obsession, they will be on some Single Parent … Continue reading Bitterness


As I was sitting through disc 3 of Planet Earth, I started thinking about Jenn3's post about how she hardly ever cries. Then I started thinking about what a sap I used to be. If it was a Disney movie, I would cry. If it was a traumatic animal story, I would cry. I used … Continue reading Tearjerkers