Single Mom Movie Review: Home for the Holidays

CONFESSION: I've watched this movie every year around Thanksgiving since it came out in 1995. I was 13 and it was VHS favorite of my mother's. I still consider it the best Thanksgiving Movie (not that there's a lot) ever created. Let me tell you how this movie stands the test of time: Family Dysfunction … Continue reading Single Mom Movie Review: Home for the Holidays

Noteworthy Single Mom Character #4

"You're saying you're not a control freak? " "No, I'm a single, working mother." - Michelle Pfieffer, One Fine Day. One Fine Day came out in 1996, right about the same time when George Clooney was first voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine. Pair that up with ex-Catwoman Michelle Pfieffer as a successful NYC … Continue reading Noteworthy Single Mom Character #4


Ok, here goes. When I first saw Sherrybaby, I was still "trying to make it work" with Rooferman, even though I had moved out and was living with my mother. He adamantly refused to be within 10 miles of the angry feminist aura of her house, so LB and I saw very little of him until … Continue reading Sherrybaby

Noteworthy Single Mom Character #1

One of the most harrowing single mom roles I've ever witnessed an actor portray was Marissa Tomei's character in the 2001 film In the Bedroom. If you haven't rented this movie and you are a parent of any type, go rent it. Its honestly one of my favorite movies, dispite how disturbing and intense it is.  I like dramas, but … Continue reading Noteworthy Single Mom Character #1