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Noteworthy Single Mom Character #3

When I did my stint in Hollywood, I was 21 and about as stupid as the next club kid. From my apartment complex, you could see the searchlights criss-crossing the night sky on premiere night. Under the Tuscan Sun opened at Disney's El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, so we all got drunk and went… Continue reading Noteworthy Single Mom Character #3

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Bathed in good vibrations

I'm in full Republican wear today: blazer, pencil skirt, hose and all. If I had pearls, I would be sportin' those too. Thank you all for the love. I'm wrapping myself in your positive vibes.  Signing off from the blogworld until the Moon enters Sagittarius (tonight). Peace.

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Mommy One & Baby One

LB always has something in each hand: Two halves of a peanut butter sandwich, two crayons, two blocks, a teddy bear and a My Little Pony. Usually when she plays, she won't select a single doll, animal, marker or crayon. She will pick up a "Mommy One" and a "Baby One."  Ideally, she will find a small teddy bear… Continue reading Mommy One & Baby One