Quote Correction

I just wanted to reassure all you single mommies that the ACTUAL Lilo & Stitch quote is "This is my family. It's little and broken, but still good." For some reason, my selective memory only picked up on the "broken" part.  P.S. I also finished Single Mom Seeking, and she picked up on the single parenting … Continue reading Quote Correction

Lilo & Stitch and the “Broken Family”

Single Mom Movie Review LB loves Lilo & Stitch. Its by far her favorite movie. We have progressed from favorites such as The Wizard of Oz, to Mary Poppins and now its "Watch Lilo Stitch?" almost everyday.  When you first see Lilo swimming after "Pudge" the fish, my daughter jumps up and down as if she's seen Santa … Continue reading Lilo & Stitch and the “Broken Family”