Sick of this

Roofie called my lawyer yesterday, stating that he's tried numerous times to meet with me but I've refused. Lawyerdude said "I don't believe that, but if you two can work this out, I think that's best for everyone." I feel like my teeth are being pulled out one by one, and just when I've managed … Continue reading Sick of this

Goodbye 2008

I finally listened to the messages. My voicemail was entirely full, so I was starting to worry about missing important calls. Rooferman called 10 times alone on Christmas, professing I was a heartless b**** for not letting me talk to his daughter on HIS day. This is from a man who has NEVER called to … Continue reading Goodbye 2008

Tarantulas & Legal Advice

It was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. Good Ole Colorado produced mid-day temps in the 70s and of course dropped below freezing at night. LB and I went on a hike (which I failed to take pictures of) but it was thoroughly enjoyed by both parties. I'm still hiking in my street shoes, which is not … Continue reading Tarantulas & Legal Advice


I feel skippy today. You would have never known that 48 hours ago I┬áresembled single mommy roadkill on the bathroom floor. It felt good to be back to work. Everyone was so chipper and happy that I was feeling better, it was kind of nice. LB made her first appearance in the local paper┬áthis weekend. … Continue reading Skippy

Lawyerdude and delight

Court was pretty uneventful yesterday. There were a total of 3 people in the room: Me, the judge and the lawyer who has taken me under his wing. Both the Petitioner and Respondent had to call into the courtroom, so there were two people on speakerphone the entire time. Very weird. If I were a … Continue reading Lawyerdude and delight