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Boiling Over

Its day 2 of my new job and I'm exhausted. Last night I was sicker than a dog. I have no clue why. I think I really may have IBS or an ulcer or something, because these "episodes" are getting more frequent and have brought me to a whole new level of scary. I was sweaty and… Continue reading Boiling Over

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What my blog is supposed to be about.

If you are confused by the title of my here. I know my posts consist mostly of movie quotes and toddler antics, but in all honesty, I should be tracking the economy a little better. I started off strong with these posts: My very first one Poor and pissed off Transplanted Texans That was… Continue reading What my blog is supposed to be about.

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Low Income Housing my Ass

So my friend )who works for Habitat for Humanity) went to the La Plata Co. Housing Authority's meeting on Low Income Housing availability in the county and told me that there were only 3 other families there who looked interested in low income housing. They of course were silent the whole time while investors, builders,… Continue reading Low Income Housing my Ass