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My Tribe

Victor's father was the perfect hippie, because all hippies were tryin' to be Indians anyway. -Thomas, Smoke Signals This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors in one of my favorite movies, so really its like a Superquote to me. I relate to it, because its true. I will post… Continue reading My Tribe

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Christmas Tree Euphoria

My 2nd post is up at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. I have yet to be syndicated like the fabulous April did with this amazing post, but that's ok.  We're instructed to write about how the economy is affecting our holiday, so I'll be attempting  a meaningful post soon. LB and I bought our Christmas tree… Continue reading Christmas Tree Euphoria

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To Vaccinate

I think I've mentioned only a few times how I was raised...."outside of the box" by reasonably odd/progressive hippies. Dad was a musician/jack-of-all-trades, and mom was a social worker/teacher/angry feminist. Add my dad's parents, who were Christian Scientists, to the equation, and people basically thought of our family as "the freaks". Most people thought my… Continue reading To Vaccinate