Positive Affirmations

Yesterday was all doom and gloom. So here's some enlightenment from Skeletor himself. Smile errrbody. Today will be grand!

Better Sunday

Therapuetic remedies for Bad Dreams: Mince garlic cloves, add olive oil and garbanzo beans. Blend to make homemade hummus. Spend iTunes gift card on chilled-out, Dido-esque Techno by Conjure One and play it while squeezing fresh lemon juice for hummus. Receive bloggy award from fellow Colorado single mom. Continue analyzing single parent movies by watching Jersey Girl … Continue reading Better Sunday

Court Results

 Yay we actually saw the Judge! He, being the incredibly awesome man that he is, listened to both our sides of the story and made some good decisions. Rooferman obviously had nothing prepared other than "I'm a good father, and I work ALL the time, so therefore its not my fault I don't see my … Continue reading Court Results

Perfection at 8500 feet

Beautiful weather, awesome best friend, amazing daughter, Colorado high country, burning calories.  Great way to spend a Saturday.