*Note: my apologies up front for this long, raw, post. I had to get it out. You may hate me after reading this. When Rooferman and I first got together, I gave him a dog. My gay friend's hairdresser¬†told me about a pit bull that a single mom was being forced to get rid of. … Continue reading Dooby

Psychological Revelations

Thank you all for your awesome words of comfort. Blogging is such a strange thing. In all physicality, you are completely isolated from the rest of the world; alone with your thoughts, staring at a computer screen. Yet, I feel such a strong sense of connectedness to humanity through these virtual writings. I've traveled to … Continue reading Psychological Revelations


Ms. Single Mama had us all going on a "fear" topic, so I'm switching gears to another pleasant subject. Guilt. I feel a lot of guilt in my life, which is odd cause I wasn't raised anywhere near the Catholic Church.¬† To understand just how much guilt I feel on a daily basis, everything posted … Continue reading Guilty