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Post Election 2016

I had to go home from work yesterday because I started crying during Hillary's (and then Obama's) speech. In a government office where CNN is constantly on, I couldn't escape it. I cried for my sister, who (due to pre-exisiting conditions) will probably lose her health care in the coming months, if Obamacare is repealed.… Continue reading Post Election 2016

single mom


Since my little court drama was first priority (obviously more important than this historic election ūüėČ ) Here's my short tribute to how amazing and empowered these last¬†48 hours have been for me. Colorado went blue for the first time in my voting career. In a sea of red states, Colorado and New Mexico joined… Continue reading Blue

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The Eve

After¬†my cell phone company¬†told me I could only retrieve text messages with a subpoena, I transcribed¬†them into a document which included every¬†date and time (from the¬†journal I've been keeping)¬†I've tried to get Rooferman to¬†discuss a¬†parenting plan in the past year¬†and emailed them to Lawyerdude. He responded with "Its all hearsay, but sometimes the Judge will… Continue reading The Eve

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Nazi Hunters unite

I think the psycho rednecks in our state took this one just a little too far. Just a sick reminder that for every granola-eating, backpacking hippie in Colorado, there's a trigger-happy, NRA preaching, Planned Parenthood-attacking, Hummer-driving bigot to negate any positive energy that arises. Living in a battle ground state is kind of scary right… Continue reading Nazi Hunters unite

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Uncle Fester is coming

This week, my office received the news that John McCain would be making a brief stop in our quaint little mountain town of Durango. Where would he hold his rally? Why at the high school of course. I certainly picked a good year to work for a school district eh? Our safety director has been… Continue reading Uncle Fester is coming