Friday Checklist

Stalking of Major Hottie brought to a whole new level. Meeting high school sweetheart for coffee tomorrow. Massive Facebooking with Young Buck. Daughter going to see her dad for 36 hours. Enrolled in Home-Buyer assistance classes, credit-report ordered, income criteria met. Twitter following surpasses 100. Local band tomorrow night. Networked with local reporter. Made $5.20 from Examiner this … Continue reading Friday Checklist

Good men are in my neighborhood

Every morning I drive the same route to work, which crosses through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Durango. The houses are old and the sidewalks are cracked by roots of trees who have been around since this town was founded. Faded Tibetan prayer flags hang from porches, marking the student rentals. Sunflowers poke their … Continue reading Good men are in my neighborhood

10 Years Later

Almost a decade ago, I had a high school sweetheart. I haven't been a part of the whole High School Musical mania, but I'm thinking our story would have resembled like that. We always played opposite each other in high school and community plays. I was Dorothy, he was the Cowardly Lion. I was the princess, he was the prince. You name … Continue reading 10 Years Later

No “Mercy”

I would like to educate the blogging world of the practices of an organization whose so-called "vision" is to "create a more humane world." Yes, I live in a housing project funded through a non-profit organization. I have been a resident of this apartment complex for 15 months. I have never once been late on … Continue reading No “Mercy”

Court Lesson One: The Accidental Witness

I actually absorbed  an hour and a half of custody cases this morning. I also got to observe one of the other judges who may be assigned to my case. Still no word on whether my filing fees will be waived, but the clerk said she would bring it to the judge's attention. Eek. Hope that … Continue reading Court Lesson One: The Accidental Witness

The Death Road

When LB's daddy and I lived in our shack in Montezuma County, our landlords were these two dredlocked hippies. The dude was a Phish-loving, former Deadhead  who was hiding out in Colorado under a fake name. His main squeeze was a blonde chick who inhereted the property from her brother after he was busted running a … Continue reading The Death Road

What my blog is supposed to be about.

If you are confused by the title of my here. I know my posts consist mostly of movie quotes and toddler antics, but in all honesty, I should be tracking the economy a little better. I started off strong with these posts: My very first one Poor and pissed off Transplanted Texans That was … Continue reading What my blog is supposed to be about.

Pay it forward

 For Karmatee I would like to pass on the love to another fellow Durango blogger, who truly is amazing. I know she values her anonymity, so I won't go into too much detail, but lets just say she is under 30 years old, and is already the president of a local non-profit agency. She and … Continue reading Pay it forward