Noteworthy Single Mom Character #3

When I did my stint in Hollywood, I was 21 and about as stupid as the next club kid. From my apartment complex, you could see the searchlights criss-crossing the night sky on premiere night. Under the Tuscan Sun opened at Disney's El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, so we all got drunk and went … Continue reading Noteworthy Single Mom Character #3


After experiencing an emotional breakdown at my parenting class, the counselor recommended a book to me. He said that it may give me some valuable "expert" advice on young children living in post-divorce situations. So hoping it would an asset to my case, I asked Jiji to get the book from the college library (our public library sucks). Let me just … Continue reading Research

Do it yourself Divorce

Last night I went to the Pro Se Divorce Clinic sponsored by the Women's Resource Center. I was nervous. I don't know why. I guess I don't have much faith in the court system, having seen a lot of friends go through legal agony and eventually losing. Even though Rooferman and I never actually took the vows, … Continue reading Do it yourself Divorce