Uncle Fester is coming

This week, my office received the news that John McCain would be making a brief stop in our quaint little mountain town of Durango. Where would he hold his rally? Why at the high school of course. I certainly picked a good year to work for a school district eh?

Our safety director has been on the phone with the Secret Service. Our high school principal is about to eat her hat. The whole administration is biting their nails, wonder why the hell Mr. McCain decided to make a speech at 2:30, when buses, pedestrians, and 1500 teenage drivers will all be attempting to leave the high school parking lot, while the rest of the town tries to enter.

The last presidential candidate to come to the 4 Corners area was Ralph Nader in 2000, and before that it was JFK. We don’t get much political exposure in Durango, but we do stand out from the rest of Colorado as primarily Democrat. When Colorado went red for Bush in the last election, La Plata county went for Kerry. Our college’s student-run Republican club has 3 members. This is probably why the McCain camp chose the high school instead of our Cliff Bar-eating, snowboard obsessed, pot-smoking college campus.

Being a good liberal, I had planned to take my lunch break and go march with the rest of the Democrats before Uncle Fester rolls into. Then I received an email from the Director of Public Information: All school district employees are to remain “neutral” during school hours and will not show any preference to either political party, according to school district policy. 

I guess that kills my plan to be Obama’s Mama for Halloween. I may have to take Liz’s suggestion and be a Snow Leopard instead.

P.S. This blog’s content does not reflect the political opinions of the Durango School District, or the employees of that district. Its only the Piscean ramblings of a 26-year-old single mom.