I received an email from the Head Start HR department: While we all appreciate the distress over losing a good teacher, the policy our organization has had for many years regarding an “AWOL” situation is one we have held very firmly to. One way to be a voice for change is to join the Policy Council … Continue reading Policy


You all remember "Spot" right? Click here to or Here  refresh your memory. Its kind of a running joke between us, the whole "Spot" thing. He actually signs her daily sheets with "Spot" instead of his real name. He's been LB's teacher at her daycare for almost a year now. She runs to hug him in … Continue reading Spot

News & Advice

Good News! It looks like LB may still qualify for Head Start! They base eligibility on last year's taxes, and I didn't start my new job until January, so I still fall within the Po' White trash guidelines. That means no moving her to the more expensive, but closer ( literally, downstairs) daycare. No filing another … Continue reading News & Advice

Daycare knows best

I went to pick up LB after work, and noticed that the signature on Tuesday was not Rooferman's. Guess who is now picking up my daughter for her boyfriend? Yeah, Blondie. I pointed out to the daycare employees that she is not on the authorized pick-up list. They informed me that LB's dad had come in … Continue reading Daycare knows best

No sympathy for the deadbeat

I didn't think I would re-qualify for WIC, but I did. Cutting back on food costs will be a tremendous help this winter, since rent, heat and electric bills are all going up. The only good thing about the economy right now is gas has miraculously dropped below $2.00 a gallon. I'm also in the process … Continue reading No sympathy for the deadbeat

The child’s best interest

I fell into bed last night at 9:30 pm. I still slept through my alarm this morning. I don't know how much sleep is going to satisfy me. I had 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep last night. Why am I still tired? Still having crazy dreams. Saturday night I dreamed Michael Jackson was married … Continue reading The child’s best interest


Ms. Single Mama had us all going on a "fear" topic, so I'm switching gears to another pleasant subject. Guilt. I feel a lot of guilt in my life, which is odd cause I wasn't raised anywhere near the Catholic Church.  To understand just how much guilt I feel on a daily basis, everything posted … Continue reading Guilty