Lean on

My friend is going through a break-up. It's been devastating for her, magnified x1000 because she also suffers from anxiety and depression. It's  bad enough feeling severed from something even in the best of circumstances, so yeah..I feel terrible for her. My last break-up was with my babydaddy, and it was so traumatic that I … Continue reading Lean on

Let Down

Ok so I've been in a funk. I'm low. I'm trying to sort it out. Obviously I'm not in love with Young Buck. Our relationship consisted of 1 kiss, 4 weeks of texting, 1 phone call,  3 orgasms and some missing clothing. I didn't want anything more than that.  But now my phone is quiet. The … Continue reading Let Down

How much of a hippie are you?

The 21-year-old stud texted me for an hour last night. What a trip he is. He's like a walking, talking Red State. I almost forgot what it's like to be barely legal, full of conviction and self-righteousness. Like you're ready to stare down any fool that gets in your way, demanding authority, simply because you're the hottest thing on … Continue reading How much of a hippie are you?

Major Hottie

A really HOT guy came to the front desk this morning. No, he was an intimidatingly gorgeous half Latino, half Choctaw sculpture of a man. After he left, I lifted my jaw off the floor and turned to my co-worker. "I know him. He's single. He works at Steamworks," she said. Immediately we did what any virtuous employees … Continue reading Major Hottie

News & Advice

Good News! It looks like LB may still qualify for Head Start! They base eligibility on last year's taxes, and I didn't start my new job until January, so I still fall within the Po' White trash guidelines. That means no moving her to the more expensive, but closer ( literally, downstairs) daycare. No filing another … Continue reading News & Advice

Tree Boy

Email from my mother: Ok, you have to meet the guy who removed the tree stumps from my backyard. He owns his own business, is really cute, very polite, and he volunteers at the Humane Society in his free time! I couldn't bring myself to ask if he's got a girlfriend. He's going to do … Continue reading Tree Boy

In defense

I posted at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog today. I wrote in defense of another single mom. I read Rachel Sarah's book, Single Mom Seekingabout a year ago.  I had just moved into my own apartment, and for the first time in my life, I was alone. I had never lived in a house without roommates, boyfriends or … Continue reading In defense

The single dad

The single dad and I went out on a date last night. The first time we met, it wasn't really a date. My friend was attempting to hook me up with him while we were gambling at the Casino. We ended up spending most of the night together listening to the band play and trying … Continue reading The single dad

The Heart of Summer

Ok, I know I should have taken my camera to the hot springs for LB's day o' swimming, but honestly I don't know how I would have managed to hold onto a slippery toddler and take our picture without completely water logging the camera. I promise I will have a game plan for next time, cause … Continue reading The Heart of Summer