Breaking News

$1117.00 was just deposited into my account. Can you guess where it came from? Can you guess who’s trying to make himself look good in front of a judge? I’m thinking somebody was just served with papers today, and is panicking at how much he currently owes his daughter.

I wonder if I will get a call asking to see LB this weekend.

Thank God for the money. My bank balance was $17.59 and it would have to suffice until October 24. I’ve already scavenged the saltines and mustard packets off the salad bar today for lunch, and was planning on making good dinner-use of the numerous boxes of Chicken Bullion my grandma gave me. Now I can buy LB her beloved Bananas and chocolate soy milk.

Still, I think I should rename my blog “Out of Blue” or “Hit and Run” because that’s what my life certainly feels like. This should be a good thing, but once again, anxiety is clutching my stomach. What person wouldn’t jump for joy at a grand  in their bank account? For me, its like a frying pan to the face; my eyes watering with bile in my throat.

Rabbit on Speed

For about 3 days straight now, LB has crawled into my bed at 5 am. I’m wondering if it has something to do with needing to go potty, or if its just post-traumatic stress disorder from her dad crawling into her bedroom while she was sleeping over at Grandma’s Saturday night. Maybe its a combination of both.

When LB crashes Mama’s slumber party, she brings her whole gang: Ariel, Stitch, Polar bear, Carebear, her blanket….the whole pre-school posse. This morning ritual of Ariel’sred, synthetic doll-hair itching the crap out of my nose has one benefit: I no longer sleep through my alarm. In fact, I’ve been up and out the door on time every morning this week! When my alarm does go off, LB stands straight up in my bed and says “What’s dat Mama? Tun it off!”

Yeah, there’s no going back to sleep after that.

I went to court this morning but was informed there was no court in session today. Since I am so high tech, and have figured out that you can check the dockets for every county court on the Colorado State Judicial website. This way I can save myself the trip (wow 2 whole blocks!) to physically check the dockets. Sadly, I haven’t had much success in witnessing an actual couple in court, but this week has been so crazy I’m not going to stress about it.

"If you're gonna spew, spew into this."

Tomorrow is a huge conference (for our puny town) put on by the school district, so I have resembled a rabbit on speed all day long. I also have been asked to speak at the Women’s Resource Center this Friday, which will be my first public speaking engagement EVER. Did I mention I got a “C” in Speech class? Did I mention I haven’t been in front of an audience since I was 17 as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?

Deep breath. And Don’t spew.