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Buttering up

Rooferman called last night. He was so chipper I thought he was going to burst into song. He said "I'm really happy how things are going. Thank you so much for meeting with me." I was the definition of skeptical. Either his parents have actually talked some sense into him, or he's still trying to… Continue reading Buttering up

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Venus in Retrograde

I've posted about Mercury in Retrograde and the technological blips it brings to our lives. Cell phones drop calls, email accounts are down, phone companies have to restore service frequently, and general communicative hell breaks lose. Don't worry kids, Mercury is far from Retrograde at the moment. Instead, our lovely planet Venus will be playing… Continue reading Venus in Retrograde

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Goodbye 2008

I finally listened to the messages. My voicemail was entirely full, so I was starting to worry about missing important calls. Rooferman called 10 times alone on Christmas, professing I was a heartless b**** for not letting me talk to his daughter on HIS day. This is from a man who has NEVER called to… Continue reading Goodbye 2008

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In the dark

I'm back. Its late. I have all the lights off. I really don't want to be alone right now. I don't wanna be a single mom right now. I really don't wanna write too much because I know my mom reads my blog now and I don't want her to worry. There were 15 messages on my… Continue reading In the dark

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Last day of work. I'm using a nice chunk of Annual Leave so I can take 2 weeks off and spend much needed time doing nothing. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Today, no less than 5 different co-workers brought gifts for LB and me. I was even presented with… Continue reading Limbo

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During mediation, Rooferman threw a curve ball, insisting that he "never said he moved out" and I "totally misunderstood" what he was trying to say. Apparently he stayed with "a buddy" for one night and he and Blondie are still living together at their old house. This doesn't explain why he didn't want me to… Continue reading Blondie

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Twas the Week before Christmas

UPDATE: Rooferman called at the last minute and now we have an appointment for Mediation at 4:30 pm TODAY.  I should change his name to "nick of time." Wish me luck. I feel ill. I'm subbing all week in the big wig's office, so I may be MIA for a while. Some notes on recent… Continue reading Twas the Week before Christmas