Last day of work. I'm using a nice chunk of Annual Leave so I can take 2 weeks off and spend much needed time doing nothing. I'm so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Today, no less than 5 different co-workers brought gifts for LB and me. I was even presented with … Continue reading Limbo

Twas the Week before Christmas

UPDATE: Rooferman called at the last minute and now we have an appointment for Mediation at 4:30 pm TODAY.  I should change his name to "nick of time." Wish me luck. I feel ill. I'm subbing all week in the big wig's office, so I may be MIA for a while. Some notes on recent … Continue reading Twas the Week before Christmas

Christmas Tree Euphoria

My 2nd post is up at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog. I have yet to be syndicated like the fabulous April did with this amazing post, but that's ok.  We're instructed to write about how the economy is affecting our holiday, so I'll be attempting  a meaningful post soon. LB and I bought our Christmas tree … Continue reading Christmas Tree Euphoria

Flat Iron Christmas

Guess what came in the mail last night, complete with its own snazzy metallic shoebox and sleek carrying case? Ooh its so pretty, and doesn't fry the crap out of my head like the toaster-like hair straightener I owned in college. Ah Memories of burning hair. Add that to the ever-present aroma of microwave popcorn and sex, and boy … Continue reading Flat Iron Christmas