NORWAC & Phillip Sedgwick

So I'm hot off the plane, returning from NORWAC and I just had to blog. I was psyched to see Phillip Sedgwick talk, since he seems to be one of the leading minds on the astrology of the Galactic Center. After being informed that my Neptune is on the GC, I started Googling everything I … Continue reading NORWAC & Phillip Sedgwick


I made-over my blog. It needed a shoe shine.  Are the colors obnoxiously Pisces enough for you? Click here to find your astrological color. I've been working on my Rocky Mountain Moms Blog post, so look for that tomorrow.


I haven't left the house once today. LB's dad came to pick her up early because he now goes to church with Blondie. I remember when we first got together, he was about as skeptical as I was, professing how his bible-thumping parents prayed for him all the time, and he still ended up in … Continue reading Resting


Thanks to Ms Single Mamafor bestowing on me the first blogging award I've ever won. Thanks for everyone else's comments on probably the most unflattering entry I've written in a while, but unless you are living in the sadistic world of Hollywood horror films, fear really isn't sexy at all. Click here if you want to take a glimpse into … Continue reading Thanks