[Ace of Swords]I haven’t left the house once today. LB’s dad came to pick her up early because he now goes to church with Blondie. I remember when we first got together, he was about as skeptical as I was, professing how his bible-thumping parents prayed for him all the time, and he still ended up in prison. He also smoked weed like a chimney, watched Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV and spent his free time designing tattoos and playing guitar. He wore skate shoes and joked with our gay roommate.

Now he’s a church-going, bull-riding, McCain-supporting, wrangler-wearing, gay-bashing, anti-pot-smoking family man to a stranger’s kids.

Amazing what kind of influence a different woman can have on a man. I wonder who the “real” Rooferman is. Maybe he doesn’t have a personality, he just molds to whomever he is with at the time. Maybe he’s just lost, navigating the rough seas in his protective bubble.

[7 of Chalices]I’ve caught up on my netflix, dishes and laundry. I’m attempting to take down the dead Christmas tree next. The snow is gently gliding from the sky, and I’m struggling to find room for the overwhelming load of Christmas presents LB received this year. I’m also playing with my own present, a new tarot deck (see images).

I’m starting to feel rested. Ready for what may come in the next week. Sorry I’ve been lacking on my comments to all your blogs. I will get back on track soon.


Thanks to Ms Single Mamafor bestowing on me the first blogging award I’ve ever won. Thanks for everyone else’s comments on probably the most unflattering entry I’ve written in a while, but unless you are living in the sadistic world of Hollywood horror films, fear really isn’t sexy at all. Click here if you want to take a glimpse into one of my $800 per credit college classes (my BA in film theory really translated well into my current profession as administrative assistant HA!).

Anyway, I read some awesome posts on this subject, and I was really touched by people’s honesty and insight. Here are some of the other bloggers that participated in this little contest, and kudos to all of you for being the strong single mamas that you are!

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See all the entries at flatten your fear and win a flat iron contest. I’m hoping my prize will be the divine tool of single mama hotness and will assist in my future success in finding a buttless chapped cowboy responsible, reliable man.

Thanks again Ms. Single Mama! Your blog really gets me through those hell weeks.