Astrological Consultations

Natal Chart Reading & Report


Your Essential Guide to the wonderful world of astrology! Your birth chart or Natal Chart, is a snapshot of what the sky looked like on the exact moment of your birth. Interpreted through a combination of both traditional and modern astrology, I’ll uncover your rising sign (Ascendant), all 10 planets and luminaries, as well as the Nodal axis & 4 main asteroids. Houses will be calculated (Placidus & Whole sign taken into consideration), so birth time and location is necessary for accurate placement.

A full written report will accompany the in-person or online reading (via Zoom).

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  • Consult time: 1 hour             
  • Price: $100.00 USD

Create your own Orbit COnsultation*


Our signature service! Are you ready to kick off your journey to health? Using my innovate new technique, I will look at your natal chart and identify key areas of your astrological makeup to get you started on the path to mind, body and soul health. This includes discovering where you’re “stuck”, what energy needs to be released, how to activate your creative potential and what planetary archetypes you’re ready to start channeling through the motion of a hula hoop (Yes, I said hula hoop!).

*This plan is the first step in a 3-part program. The option to purchase a hula hoop to continue to the next step will be offered during the consultation, as well as a recommended nutrition program (also optional)

  • Consult time: 45 minutes
  • Book Now-2Price: $50.00 USD

Check out our Astrology-themed hula hoops here

To see what the entire 30-Day Astro-Hula Hooping Program is all about: Click Here

Sun, Moon, Ascendant  Reading


The gateway to discovering your magic! Want a just a taste of what astrology is all about? The sun, moon and Ascendant are considered the 3 most important elements to discovering your deepest personality traits: your inner, outer and true soul reflections.

You will receive a one-page report & the reading will take place in person, or online via Zoom.

  • Consult time: 30 minutes             Book Now-2
  • Price: $45.00 USD

Quick  Reading


Don’t have a lot of time, but still have a burning question about your life, job, relationship, or what planetary energy is going on for you right now? I can take 3 questions and give you some astrological insight during this short reading.

This quick reading will take place in person, or online via Zoom.

  • Consult time: 15 minutes             Book Now-2
  • Price: $20.00 USD

Transits & Progression Reading (follow-up consultation)


This reading is to take place after the initial Natal Chart consultation. After the chart is read and established, book a follow-up consultation to review what energies and planetary alignments are currently presiding over your life. Want to know about what the year holds for you? What growth stage you’re going through, and where your life is headed? This reading is for you.

  • Consult time: 1 hour
  • Price: $100Book Now-2

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