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Single Mom, Interrupted

I know everyone keeps telling me that the season change effects everyone in different ways. At 6500 feet, people complain of vertigo, nausea and headaches this time of year. The first fall cold has been running its course through the office and daycare, and yes, there's the horrid aspect of losing soul-feeding sunlight. The combination of earlier bedtimes and darker… Continue reading Single Mom, Interrupted

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Coffee and Chronic napping

I've been trying to combat my chronic need to nap at 6 pm every night. It's become a serious issue. I cannot keep my eyes open at that time of day. If I am in the car, I have to slap myself to stay awake. If I am standing by a warm stove, cooking dinner,… Continue reading Coffee and Chronic napping

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What idiots do on a three day weekend

Step One: Get motivated to go on a hike. Step Two: Put Toddler into backpack. Step Three: Slide into street shoes which are so old and worn that they no longer require tying and untying. They have molded to the shape of your foot. Step Four: Hoist 30+ pound toddler/backpack onto car bumper.  Step Five. Twist… Continue reading What idiots do on a three day weekend

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Head Up

I woke up this morning, and thought about continuing my routine that I have fallen into this last week:Get up at 5:00 amGive self shot in belly.Go back to sleep until LB wakes up screaming.I was fully prepared to crawl back under the covers, but as I was drawing up my injection, I said to… Continue reading Head Up

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Today I had a rough time getting up. I think I pulled a muscle doing Carmen Electra's workout yesterday, which only makes me feel old and fat. There is even a disclaimer in the beginning that says BE CAREFUL OLD PEOPLE OR YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF DURING THIS DVD. I was like "Haha, I bet… Continue reading Grumpy

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Out of Whack

So I didn't post yesterday because I was driving the 6 hr round trip to beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got there, spent 15 minutes in the doctor's office, and got in my car to drive home. Ugh what a drag. I did treat myself to three brand new CDs for the long-ass drive. Yes,… Continue reading Out of Whack

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Things I'm not happy about today:My Egg Donation is NOT going to be in New York, but Santa Rosa, California instead. I guess they mixed up the coastlines or something. I was really looking forward to finally visiting the Big Apple.I am going to have to drive to Albuquerque for my Ultrasounds instead of getting… Continue reading Mundaes

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7:15 AM

Ok I'll make it short today. I'm sick of my long-winded rants. This is my dilemma:5 am - Wake Up Call5:15 - Begin Pilates Hell5:30 - Call JL6:00- Start Coffee6:05 - Shower6:20- Drink Cup O Joe #1, Read Durango Herald6:30- Wake up LB (if she hasn't called for me yet)6:35- Feed Toddler breakfast (try to… Continue reading 7:15 AM