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After court, I returned to my office and went directly to the restroom. I've been hiding in the girl's room for purposes of crying since elementary school.  I think its a female tradition (or maybe just mine). As I lurched out of the stall, I felt a sick wave of white light pass over my eyes. It felt like I had just… Continue reading Aftermath

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Do it yourself Divorce

Last night I went to the Pro Se Divorce Clinic sponsored by the Women's Resource Center. I was nervous. I don't know why. I guess I don't have much faith in the court system, having seen a lot of friends go through legal agony and eventually losing. Even though Rooferman and I never actually took the vows,… Continue reading Do it yourself Divorce

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Meditation of the Day

I talked to a wise, wise person yesterday while I was home with a sick, teething toddler. His advice was: Don't be a Martyr Another goal to work towards. Suppressing the horrid Piscean tendency towards this is going to be rough. Can you be strong without being angry? Peaceful without being complacent? Spiritual without being… Continue reading Meditation of the Day

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DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. I've already eaten THREE chocolate chip cookies and its only 1:00 pm. There's aren't the little keebler cookies either. These are the big, soft catered cookies from the local bakery.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Why do I have no self-control? I actually resisted going over to the other building (like I usually do) when the secretary… Continue reading Temptation