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The gullible Empath

I've written about this before (pre-Saturn Return, in 2009): I'm a Pisces, blah blah, we are sensitive and easily led astray. Now I've matured a bit- I'll be 35 on Sunday..OMG! Is 35 too old to say "OMG"? Now that I've reached my ripe soon to-be-middle age, I know that this fish DOES have a… Continue reading The gullible Empath

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The Golden Rule

I used to  believe in the Golden Rule. My hippie parents taught me to "treat people the way you want to be treated" and so I went forth into the world with the best of intentions for my fellow-man. I would show them respect and logically, I would receive it in return. I soon realized the… Continue reading The Golden Rule

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Sick of this

Roofie called my lawyer yesterday, stating that he's tried numerous times to meet with me but I've refused. Lawyerdude said "I don't believe that, but if you two can work this out, I think that's best for everyone." I feel like my teeth are being pulled out one by one, and just when I've managed… Continue reading Sick of this

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Full Moon in Cancer

Last night was the full moon. This full moon also happened to be in its home sign of Cancer. SWM had herself a little astrology lesson on Cancer and its ruling "planet" the moon, so I'll elaborate a bit. The moon signifies the unconcious. In the tarot deck, the moon card is about whats hidden in your… Continue reading Full Moon in Cancer

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Ok, here goes. When I first saw Sherrybaby, I was still "trying to make it work" with Rooferman, even though I had moved out and was living with my mother. He adamantly refused to be within 10 miles of the angry feminist aura of her house, so LB and I saw very little of him until… Continue reading Sherrybaby

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Preparing for the worst

Update: My first post at Rocky Mountain Moms blog is up! I made a pot of coffee in preparation for last night's bedtime battle. I could see the animistic side of my child getting ready to pounce. I picked her up from her dad's and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Rooferman put his foot in… Continue reading Preparing for the worst

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Psychological Revelations

Thank you all for your awesome words of comfort. Blogging is such a strange thing. In all physicality, you are completely isolated from the rest of the world; alone with your thoughts, staring at a computer screen. Yet, I feel such a strong sense of connectedness to humanity through these virtual writings. I've traveled to… Continue reading Psychological Revelations

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Channeling Queen Latifah

Its a painfully slow day here in my office. My boss has been on 2 different conference calls for the last 4 hours, and my phone hasn't rung once. The fax lies dead to the world. Hardly any mail is flowing my way. My mind is wandering, which is a BAD thing. To avoid major… Continue reading Channeling Queen Latifah

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I've been feeling a uncanny sense of peace this past week. I don't know if its because I've been practicing some hippie stress relief tips (and no, its not weed smoking), or if its the comforting repetition of last year's egg donation process. Once again I will be lining up vials of medicine, attaching needles,… Continue reading Uncanny

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I've received many tidings of comfort and joy this week. Kori, who would be Athena if she were a Greek Goddess, sent me two awesome books. When they arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I almost screamed with delight. The arrival of her books also magically lured my lost (since last Thursday) Netflix back to its rightful… Continue reading Tidings