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Noteworthy Single Mom Character #1

One of the most harrowing single mom roles I've ever witnessed an actor portray was Marissa Tomei's character in the 2001 film In the Bedroom. If you haven't rented this movie and you are a parent of any type, go rent it. Its honestly one of my favorite movies, dispite how disturbing and intense it is.  I like dramas, but… Continue reading Noteworthy Single Mom Character #1

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What’s your mother’s story?

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad"- Aldous Huxley(My mother in a nutshell) For those of you who read my blog, I challenge you to find a quote that describes your own mother, and then tell the world why.Here's my mom's story:She left home at 17, trying to escape a… Continue reading What’s your mother’s story?

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Bronco Country

I was raised to hate football. My mother the Feministo Exdrodanaire made it very clear what a consumer driven, ego-centric, chauvinist piggy, testosterone-fest the whole thing was. My father, a musician and an Aqaurius, had little interest in sports, beyond surfing ( living in Vermont, this made my parents the Odd-Couple de-luxe).The closest thing we… Continue reading Bronco Country