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How much of a hippie are you?

The 21-year-old stud texted me for an hour last night. What a trip he is. He's like a walking, talking Red State. I almost forgot what it's like to be barely legal, full of conviction and self-righteousness. Like you're ready to stare down any fool that gets in your way, demanding authority, simply because you're the hottest thing on… Continue reading How much of a hippie are you?

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My Tribe

Victor's father was the perfect hippie, because all hippies were tryin' to be Indians anyway. -Thomas, Smoke Signals This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors in one of my favorite movies, so really its like a Superquote to me. I relate to it, because its true. I will post… Continue reading My Tribe

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Something is in the air this week. My co-worker's grandmother-in-law died on Tuesday night. My other co-worker's pastor's house burned down yesterday. My boss got a call from one of the preschool teachers, threatening  to walk out of her classroom due to a little girl screaming and locking herself in the bathroom for over an hour. There's been an… Continue reading Mental

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The Eve

After my cell phone company told me I could only retrieve text messages with a subpoena, I transcribed them into a document which included every date and time (from the journal I've been keeping) I've tried to get Rooferman to discuss a parenting plan in the past year and emailed them to Lawyerdude. He responded with "Its all hearsay, but sometimes the Judge will… Continue reading The Eve

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I've been feeling a uncanny sense of peace this past week. I don't know if its because I've been practicing some hippie stress relief tips (and no, its not weed smoking), or if its the comforting repetition of last year's egg donation process. Once again I will be lining up vials of medicine, attaching needles,… Continue reading Uncanny

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Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?

5 hours of Oktoberfest+22-month-old boy+28-month-old girl+single mom+dad on his own+Huskey/St. Bernard Mix = Exhausting We started off at the toddler park, where there was a birthday going on. My friend's Huskey/St. Bernard jumped right into the middle of the action, trying to steal burritos off the picnic table. LB refused to go potty in a civilized toilet, but… Continue reading Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?

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Single Moms on Planet Earth

Laying on the couch feeling sorry for yourself usually does not pave the way for groundbreaking realizations. However, laying on the couch watching Planet Earth on Netflix, makes for a single mom feel-good factory of hope and inspiration. My good friends raved about Planet Earth because they, being good harmless Stoners, like to get ripped and watch the… Continue reading Single Moms on Planet Earth