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Suspicions Confirmed

At about 7:15 last night, I thought my Rooferman theories were about to be disproved. I hadn't received a phone call, offering to drive LB home, so I headed on over to Blondie's house as usual. No truck in the driveway. No lights on in the house. There was a maroon Suburban sitting outside, but… Continue reading Suspicions Confirmed

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Cause & Effect

Rooferman bailed on LB yesterday. His "other daughters" were sick. He asked if he could see her today instead. I had agreed to work at a school last night, so as soon as he called, I flipped a U-ee  in the middle of the road, hauling ass back to daycare. I was already late to the school, and… Continue reading Cause & Effect

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By Friday night, I was dreading the thought of 8 hours working a conference while simultaneously keeping a 2-year-old entertained. I kept dwelling bitterly on the thought of "I shouldn't HAVE to choose between making money and spending time with my daughter," so my defiant solution was to combine the two options. The logistics were starting to materialize a… Continue reading Unhinging

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Without her presence

I took a lot of naps this weekend. I stared at the wall for long periods of time too. I wrapped myself in a blanket and watched Netflix. I read Anne Lamott. I watched the Broncos. I drank tea. I took more naps. I also killed a bottle of wine by myself. My grandparents came up… Continue reading Without her presence

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Rooferman tried to weasel me out of more time last night. He called 30 minutes before I was to pick up LB, saying they were at a restaurant and they just barely got their food, so it would be really nice if we could keep her a little longer.  Just barely? It was 7:00 pm.… Continue reading Steady

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Mommy One & Baby One

LB always has something in each hand: Two halves of a peanut butter sandwich, two crayons, two blocks, a teddy bear and a My Little Pony. Usually when she plays, she won't select a single doll, animal, marker or crayon. She will pick up a "Mommy One" and a "Baby One."  Ideally, she will find a small teddy bear… Continue reading Mommy One & Baby One

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Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?

5 hours of Oktoberfest+22-month-old boy+28-month-old girl+single mom+dad on his own+Huskey/St. Bernard Mix = Exhausting We started off at the toddler park, where there was a birthday going on. My friend's Huskey/St. Bernard jumped right into the middle of the action, trying to steal burritos off the picnic table. LB refused to go potty in a civilized toilet, but… Continue reading Aren’t the weekends for relaxing?

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Lawyerdude and delight

Court was pretty uneventful yesterday. There were a total of 3 people in the room: Me, the judge and the lawyer who has taken me under his wing. Both the Petitioner and Respondent had to call into the courtroom, so there were two people on speakerphone the entire time. Very weird. If I were a… Continue reading Lawyerdude and delight

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Astrology, Dreams, Birth Control and Potty Training

Someone googled "Best time to potty train by the zodiac" and found my blog. Flogging hilarious. Ironic, because last night for some reason, I asked LB "Do you want to wear a diaper or undies to bed tonight?" To which she responded, "Diaper or undies? UNDIES!" Dum da dum dum. Why did I ask? I'm… Continue reading Astrology, Dreams, Birth Control and Potty Training