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Hey everyone. I woke up every day this week thinking it was Sunday, so now that I'm actually facing returning to work tomorrow, I finally feel normal*. *Indication number one that you have no life. There are three posts I really want to write. Obviously, since this has become my new obsession, they will be on some Single Parent… Continue reading Bitterness

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By Friday night, I was dreading the thought of 8 hours working a conference while simultaneously keeping a 2-year-old entertained. I kept dwelling bitterly on the thought of "I shouldn't HAVE to choose between making money and spending time with my daughter," so my defiant solution was to combine the two options. The logistics were starting to materialize a… Continue reading Unhinging

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Preparing for the worst

Update: My first post at Rocky Mountain Moms blog is up! I made a pot of coffee in preparation for last night's bedtime battle. I could see the animistic side of my child getting ready to pounce. I picked her up from her dad's and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Rooferman put his foot in… Continue reading Preparing for the worst

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I'm back. It really was the worst Thanksgiving ever. Besides seeing my family (which is always fun), the series of events that were conducted almost broke me.LB was sent home from daycare on the day before Thanksgiving with a 102 fever. Her temperature stayed about 101-103 the whole rest of the week, making it impossible… Continue reading Absence