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Buttering up

Rooferman called last night. He was so chipper I thought he was going to burst into song. He said "I'm really happy how things are going. Thank you so much for meeting with me." I was the definition of skeptical. Either his parents have actually talked some sense into him, or he's still trying to… Continue reading Buttering up

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There were only 6 people at the Love & Logic class this week. Rooferman also called me twice during the class, so I was distracted and unfocused after that. He's offered to drive LB home twice now, last night and Sunday night. Its weird. He blantantly refused to drive LB home on Thanksgiving after I… Continue reading Weird

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Red Retaliation

Colorado went blue this year. I should have figured the good ole boys weren't going to just let this one slide. The Republicans lost the presidential election, and what is their natural response?  Go buy guns.  Don't forget Colorado is also home to the NRA. If you click on the website, you can actually order gun-totin' Santa… Continue reading Red Retaliation

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The unexpected

The insane month of October continues to throw curve balls at us. Here's the latest one. About 7 months ago, I accompanied my close friend to Miami, FL to be her companion while she went through the final stage of egg donation. She decided to donate her eggs after struggling with fertility for about 3… Continue reading The unexpected