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Buttering up

Rooferman called last night. He was so chipper I thought he was going to burst into song. He said "I'm really happy how things are going. Thank you so much for meeting with me." I was the definition of skeptical. Either his parents have actually talked some sense into him, or he's still trying to… Continue reading Buttering up

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Hey everyone. I woke up every day this week thinking it was Sunday, so now that I'm actually facing returning to work tomorrow, I finally feel normal*. *Indication number one that you have no life. There are three posts I really want to write. Obviously, since this has become my new obsession, they will be on some Single Parent… Continue reading Bitterness

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Higher Education

I had dinner with my 3 best buds last night, plus Gemini Toddler Boo. Thankfully no Sombreros were involved, but I did manage to successfully jack my daughter up on fried ice cream, in true birthday celebration.Out of my Leo Friend Circle, one has completed her BA in English Education, and has been a certified… Continue reading Higher Education