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Preparing for the worst

Update: My first post at Rocky Mountain Moms blog is up! I made a pot of coffee in preparation for last night's bedtime battle. I could see the animistic side of my child getting ready to pounce. I picked her up from her dad's and her eyes were as wide as saucers. Rooferman put his foot in… Continue reading Preparing for the worst

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Coffee and Chronic napping

I've been trying to combat my chronic need to nap at 6 pm every night. It's become a serious issue. I cannot keep my eyes open at that time of day. If I am in the car, I have to slap myself to stay awake. If I am standing by a warm stove, cooking dinner,… Continue reading Coffee and Chronic napping

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Do it yourself Divorce

Last night I went to the Pro Se Divorce Clinic sponsored by the Women's Resource Center. I was nervous. I don't know why. I guess I don't have much faith in the court system, having seen a lot of friends go through legal agony and eventually losing. Even though Rooferman and I never actually took the vows,… Continue reading Do it yourself Divorce

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7:15 AM

Ok I'll make it short today. I'm sick of my long-winded rants. This is my dilemma:5 am - Wake Up Call5:15 - Begin Pilates Hell5:30 - Call JL6:00- Start Coffee6:05 - Shower6:20- Drink Cup O Joe #1, Read Durango Herald6:30- Wake up LB (if she hasn't called for me yet)6:35- Feed Toddler breakfast (try to… Continue reading 7:15 AM