GIVEAWAY: 100th Etsy sale!

Guess what? This little one-woman run astro-hooping business just hit 100 sales on Etsy! We're celebrating by giving away a hoop. Click on our Subscribe page to enter and you could be creating your own orbit by the end of the month! Guess what?! We just hit 100 sales on Etsy! To celebrate we're giving away… Continue reading GIVEAWAY: 100th Etsy sale!


Response to Wild Mystic Woman

I just finished reading this blog post from Wild Mystic Woman and had to formulate some type of response to her amazingly potent content. She's speaking to me. She's speaking to all spiritual/astro/new age/witchy white women.  And she's right. When Trump was elected, I carefully crafted this post  where I tried to filter my shock, pain… Continue reading Response to Wild Mystic Woman


Neptune in Sag & the birth of electronic music

Of course as you're focusing on a specific topic, similar things just seem to come out of the woodwork. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Heightened Awareness? Call it what you will 😉 So as I'm doing research on Music & Astrology (more specifically the birth of Techno & my own generation of Neptune in Sagittarius), I came across… Continue reading Neptune in Sag & the birth of electronic music


NORWAC & Phillip Sedgwick

So I'm hot off the plane, returning from NORWAC and I just had to blog. I was psyched to see Phillip Sedgwick talk, since he seems to be one of the leading minds on the astrology of the Galactic Center. After being informed that my Neptune is on the GC, I started Googling everything I… Continue reading NORWAC & Phillip Sedgwick


Music & Astrology: Research

I've started my research on Music & Astrology, simultaneously trying to integrate my business of hula hooping with the trifecta of mind/body/spirit. Music has always been a part of my life, seeped into the walls of my family history, so when I discovered my Neptune was on the Galactic Center, I suppose it was only… Continue reading Music & Astrology: Research


Cardinal Energy: a short story

There are three modes of energy in Astro-speak: Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal. Each sign in the Zodiac is assigned one of these qualities. Mutable is changing, morphing, constantly moving and adapting energy. Fixed is just that: stable, impermeable, sustainable (sometimes stagnant) energy. But what does "cardinal" mean? I have 12 chart placements in Cardinal signs.… Continue reading Cardinal Energy: a short story


Mother’s Day- A Taurus Holiday

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I always breathe a sigh of relief once Aries season is over. No offense to the ram, but every April is so chaotic and tense. The energy is buzzing with anxiety, the weather is absolutely bi-polar, and something abrupt or violent always seems to happen.… Continue reading Mother’s Day- A Taurus Holiday


A Venusian Saturn = Basic Bitch

Saturn doesn't let us get away with anything. He's the strictest teacher you ever had; the guitar instructor who made you practice until your fingers bled, Mr. Miyagi who told you to repeat "Wax on, Wax off" the correct way. He's always there, watching your progress, looking at the clock, waiting for you to learn… Continue reading A Venusian Saturn = Basic Bitch

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Neptune on the Galactic Center

I recently paid a visit to my mentor, who is part of a co-housing establishment (I.E. a very organized hippie commune) and a professional astrologer. My family was originally involved with the planned community, but the price tag eventually became too high for us and we were forced to look at alternative home-buying options. It… Continue reading Neptune on the Galactic Center

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Aries moon and self-compassion

One awesome thing about Astrology is the ability to understand inexpiable and/or contradictory aspects about yourself. Perhaps you grew up in a very nurturing family, where you had tons of support and were very loved. You have a strong sense of confidence in your abilities, and portray a shiny perfect exterior, yet you are plagued… Continue reading Aries moon and self-compassion