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The term “Astrolicious” was coined to describe a way of examining life through astrological senses. From the food you eat, to the way you move, the color you dye your hair, and the music you listen to…It’s not just pie that’s delicious. Everything in life is Astro-licious! 

So.. what does hula hooping have to do with Astrology?

  • Movement of the hula hoop around your body is comparable to the orbit of the planets around the sun
  • You are Saturn, and the hoop is the ring!
  • Hula Hooping plays a vital role in the Body/Mind/Spirit trifecta of health
  • Astrology is a tool for well-being, happiness and connectedness, as is hula hooping.
  • Hula Hooping & Astrology bring mental, emotional, spiritual peace
  • Mindfulness & self compassion are both essential elements in a Astrolicious life!
  • We design Hula Hoops with Astrological themes 🙂

What’s our place in the universe?

165350_10150382215265368_4755044_nEverything in life is connected. Even as a kid I had a sneaking suspicion that I was only a speck of stardust in a galaxy of cosmic energy.  That maybe I wasn’t much different than the lakes, trees and rocks around me: we all made up a single giant moving organism called Earth.

The very act of living is an exercise in universal identity. In the womb, your world is extends only as far as your 5 senses. You are limited by the confinements of your mother’s body. You are born into the world and your universe expands to the immediate people around you. You become the Sun they revolve around. Like the Earth, your mother/caretaker orbits at your command. As you get bigger, so does your universe. Your perspective grows and grows until you suddenly realize you not the center of the galaxy, that your very presence has no effect on the billions of stars dancing throughout the universe. In fact, they may have an effect on you.

I don’t know if every kid feels this way, but..yeah.

Don’t take it from me, take it from Neil deGrasse Tyson

“The Universe is in us.”- Neil deGrasse Tyson

And if the universe is in us, then so are the planets, the stars, the moon, the asteroids, black holes, supernovas, and all other cosmic entities.  The atoms that make up our bodies, are comprised of the same elements that make up the rest of our solar system.

Astrology is the study of how those planets interact with each other, and the archetypal symbolism that we human have studied, examined, and philosophized since the moment we recognized the planetary, solar and lunar movements in our sky.

What do those planets represent in our lives? How have their motion, relationships and overall presence shown up to history, earthly events,  individual personalities and symbolism in nature?

How can we use this study to bring meaning and awareness into our daily lives? How can Astrology create a more insightful connected reality for us? What are the valuable tools Astrology can gives? And more importantly, how is astrology fun, healthy, delightful and delicious? How does astrology become Astro-Licious?

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