Macklemore & Gemini

I was messing around on Giphy this week, trying to articulate my feeling bombarded by Gemini energy; I live with two, my boyfriend and my (now) 11-year old daughter. Since the Eclipse, I feel like the planets have turned up the volume considerably, and after a particularly rough week, I just wanted some quiet. As you may or may not know, Geminis are never quiet.

Mike Meyers (Austin Powers) is also a Gemini, btw.

So when Macklemore dropped his album today, aptly named “Gemini”, I decided to take the hint and just blog about the subject lol.

Macklemore, born on June 19th, 1983 is about as Gemini as you can get, and it’s no surprise he became a rapper, since his chart literally is all air and fire. All major celestial bodies distributed between Gemini, Sagitarrius, Libra and Leo. No water. No earth.  Air is thought, ideas and communication. Fire, is..well.. you get it.

What is Macklemore is famous for? Shooting off rapid-fire words..

Macklemore and I are born roughly 16 months apart, so we share generational planets, like Uranus & Neptune in Sagitarrius, Pluto & Saturn in Libra. If you look at your own birth chart, you’ll see you share outer planets with people in your age group as well. These speak of themes, trends and cultural experiences we go through together as a collective.  This is why when Thrift Shop came out, it tapped into a generation’s Neptune (music, art & film) and became a platinum hit among my peers.

Gemini leading the charge like..

The thrift shop video is a plethora of Gemini symbolism, revolving around the Twins’ obsession with playing, promoting and reinventing the idea of fashion. The man-boy Peter Pan archetype of male Gemini Macklemore bounces around in legit BATMAN FOOTIE PAJAMAS at one point! Geminis never really grow up, as you can see above, the Twins’ posse riding a child’s scooter, skateboard, big wheel, bicycles (even a stroller lol!) and carrying a stuffed animal giraffe.

*On a similar side note- if you know an adult male Gemini, odds are he’s probably excels at something you’d traditionally consider child’s play (*cough* video or any other gaming).

Venus/Aphrodite/Goddess of Love is the personal stylist of your chart. What you enjoy, desire, are drawn to, both emotionally and physically. It’s the fabric you prefer, the food you crave, the colors you choose are all indicated by your Venus placement.

Macklemore’s Venus is in Leo, which not only explains the prominence of fur coats in this video, but how Macklemore’s image (for a while) became synonymous with big, fluffy hooded lion-esque coats that had everyone running to their local thrift store to find one.

Venus in Leo is trine Uranus in Sagitarrius, which makes sense that the over-the-top fur coats and kaleidoscope of bling are screamingly unorthodox. A thrift store, really? Who would have predicted that a white dude rapping about getting fly by wearing “your grandad’s clothes” would become the mega hit that it did. That’s Uranus for you, blowing up the status-quo and crashing head-first into the unexpected.  Add the extra placement of Sagitarrius and it’s no wonder this song is about rocking the party (in Velcros).

Both Gemini and Leo like to strut their stuff, and with Macklemore’s triple placement in Gemini (Sun, Mars & Mercury), it’s safe to say he walks the walk and talks the talk.. sometimes to his own detriment. Geminis are known for their verbal mishaps and do-overs, their tendency to make a huge mess and bounce like nothing happened.

Macklemore’s been criticized for being the epitome of white privilege and cultural appropriation.

As a white rapper enjoying stratospheric crossover success in a genre where his very presence alluded to cultural appropriation, he was critiquing a system that made him a primary beneficiary. It compromised his voice, as earnest and well-intended as it was, and put him in an impossible position. More than the woke white ally trying to be a bridge, he’d become a wedge as divisive as the issues he was advocating. It’s the kind of thing that could be exhausting enough to tempt one to abdicate responsibility altogether, if one has the luxury to do so. – NPR: September 22, 2017

That’s the Gemini dilemma. They aren’t called “The Twins” for nothing. They are usually living two lives, experiencing two world, bouncing from one extreme to the other, their actions bewilderingly contradictory at times. I’ve written many times that raising a Gemini child consists of watching them go from melt-down to cosmic high within a 30 second range.

*I joke that my Gemini boyfriend’s theme song is “0-100”

Geminis are known for reinventing themselves. Moving through the ether from one identity to the next. I suppose it’s only appropriate that Macklemore’s new album is a departure from “the old Macklemore” as he describes himself in this interview.   His last album, titled very astrologically appropriately as “The Language of my World” has now morphed into a more personal “Gemini.”

Macklemore is also known for his collaborations (Ryan Lewis, Lil Yachy, Skylar Grey) and likewise Gemini represents the “Duo” concept. Even the Gemini symbol is the Roman Numeral for “2”, so it’s no surprise he constantly puts out music in partnerships.

Kesha (a fellow Pisces), who has been going through her own trials and tribulations (literally) and has openly credited it to her Saturn Return, is Macklemore’s newest collaborator.  “The Good Ole Days” was released just yesterday and highlights the transformation both artists have gone through (Pisces and Gemini are both mutable signs).  I could write a whole article about Kesha’s new album and it’s post-Saturn return elements, but that’s for another time.

Mutable Buddies Kesha (Pisces) & Macklemore (Gemini) look back at who they used to be.

Macklemore and Kesha are part of the Uranus in Sagitarrius tribe,  (1981-1988 roughly) and have often been characterized as being rebels, following alternative paths, finding their highs in outrageous ways, (remember Kesha’s “Your love is my drug” and “crazy kids”?). While this new song shows maturity and reflection, it still keeps its counter-culture, hippie-loving, open-road Sagittarian heartbeat.

At the root of it,  Sag and Gemini are both about having fun, just on a different scale. Gemini keeps it local, kicking it with your homies, having a conversation over coffee, while Sag takes the party to the Parthenon. Sag digs into the spiritual side of celebration, following your higher calling and finding your bliss.

I’m excited to listen to “Gemini” and see what two worlds Macklemore decides to straddle next.

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