Response to Wild Mystic Woman

I just finished reading this blog post from Wild Mystic Woman and had to formulate some type of response to her amazingly potent content. She’s speaking to me. She’s speaking to all spiritual/astro/new age/witchy white women.  And she’s right.

When Trump was elected, I carefully crafted this post  where I tried to filter my shock, pain & rage and stay as politically correct as possible. I did this because I know some people in my life voted for #45 and I couldn’t reconcile that fact. I was trying to understand where they were coming from, because I’d like to think my friends are good people. I love them. I didn’t want to lose them over politics. So I tried to find a middle ground.

I talked about my struggles being a single mom and relying on government assistance, and chalked it up to a combination of  help from friends, good luck, “the planets”, and hard work that got me into the self-sufficient state I’m in now. The fact that I also had white privilege on my side was not credited anywhere.

I talked about how I was able to donate my eggs for $$, never even acknowledging that my skin color was obviously a checked box on every couple who chose to use my DNA. Even further, the fact that I was selected to donate 6 different times based on my physical characteristics is the epitome of privilege. Can I say the same opportunity would have been available to a person of a different race?

Layla says in her post,

Even if you don’t want your privilege, you still have it, because white supremacy exists and is the dominant paradigm of places like the US, the UK, Europe and Australia. As a white person, you have the privilege of being able to say, ‘high vibes only’ and ‘I don’t follow the news because it’s too political’ and ‘I just want to focus on love and light’.

This.. THIS! I’ve heard this SO MUCH in our astrological/spiritual/enlightened community. Especially with the Great American Eclipse coming up on Monday, there’s a ton of blessing, light sharing, group meditation, and general good feelingness going on… and that’s it.  Hey, I love a good meditation sesh. There’s no denying the benefits and I recommend everyone integrate it into their lives. But you can’t stop there. Yes, the world needs your light and love, but it also needs your voice and action.

I’ve struggled with this aspect of the astrological community, because while some people are down to talk about politics, race and social injustice.. the tendency to look at things from “the bigger picture” is always present. It’s easy to say “Well whatever happens here on earth, the sun will still be shining the next day.” The planets will still orbit. The Milky Way will still continue it’s epic spiral around the GC.

Yes this is all true. And yes we can separate ourselves from the nitty gritty shit that’s happening here on earth, because we have that privilege. Astrologers are some of the most privileged people on earth. How many people get to pontificate for a living? How many people vibe so much with the celestial realm that they get to hover above the screaming masses, unscathed? We are privileged to have cosmic perspective, to feel this disconnect. It’s peaceful. It’s serene. And probably infuriatingly high & mighty for much of humanity.

I’m not saying Astrologers are immune to hardship. We live on this Earth too, but we also have the tools to look at events and make objective analyses based on our study of astrology. When bad things happen, we can attribute it to planetary configurations, and that eases the blow of “why me?”  In the bigger picture, everything is more comforting, IMO.

Sometimes we get so much in our heads as Astrologers that it’s easy to forget a whole world exists outside of archetypes, philosophical, psychological and evolutionary modes of operandi. The temptation to dissolve into the spiritual ether is intoxicatingly strong for a Pisces like me. I know others within the community also feel this. Who doesn’t want to live in a world of sunshine and roses? And for Empaths, being around pain, suffering and darkness literally drains the energy from our bodies.

But..we cannot stay in these spiritual bubbles, peeps. We cannot solve our problems with happy thoughts alone. We have to face the shadow in order to truly become enlightened. We have to get our hands dirty and join humanity, not separate from it. What’s a good astrology reading without a connection to the person we read? How can we truly help someone become happy, healthy and loving their life without acknowledging that strugglesamurai-2258604_1920, oppression, suffering and pain exist (and that we are a part of it all)?

So keep up the soul searching & the star reading, but don’t forget this earth is our only home, and we need to do whatever we can to make it a place where everyone can thrive, not just the privileged, or the enlightened. We can be Spiritual Warriors, using our skills to fight for the good, for the unity and equality of all.  Sometimes that means going out of your comfort zone. And it always means acknowledging your privilege. You can’t be woke and be on the sidelines. In that case, you’re still half asleep.

I highly recommend this article, especially if you are white and an astro/spiritual lady (or dude, really).  Thank you Layla for writing it.

Love and Light ……AND LIBERTY!


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