Neptune in Sag & the birth of electronic music

Of course as you’re focusing on a specific topic, similar things just seem to come out of the woodwork. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Heightened Awareness? Call it what you will 😉 So as I’m doing research on Music & Astrology (more specifically the birth of Techno & my own generation of Neptune in Sagittarius), I came across this great blog post from Mystic Medusa , which definitely illustrates what I’m talking about.
Photo credit: Analog Synth Museum

Neptune moved into Sagittarius in November of 1970 and departed in 1984.

I was born in ’82, the year of ET: The Extraterrestrial (oh how very Galactic Center of it!) The music and film industries were deep in to the world of digital/techno/space age experimentation. The first CD was also developed in 1982.

The Moog Synthesizer became popularized by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and played a huge role in the sound development of Disco & Funk music, as well as Film Soundtracks (Clockwork Orange, Blade Runner).
Deadmau5 & Polyfusion Modular Music Synth- via

I’ve been looking at the natal charts of popular DJs, including Armin Van Buren, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Kaskade & Bassnectar, and found they were all born during Neptune in Sagittarius, and the boom of synthesized music. Perhaps the disco and funk era they were born under created the blueprint for the electronic music they would develop in the 90s and 00’s.

Deadmau5 in particular prides himself on the creative development and exploration of synthesized music. He’s been heavily critical of DJs who do not produce their own sound from scratch, but instead rely on “push button” premixed playlists.  While DJing has always been about sampling others’ music, Deadmau5 insists there is an originality and skill behind the art (which is apparent in the long hours he spends experimenting with the purest elements of synthesized sound before releasing a final cut of music).

Sagittarius is about discovery, Neptune is the musician. Electronic (techno) music was about the exploration of a new sound, experimenting with digital technology and bringing together people to dance at parties.  So let me make that clear, Neptune in Sag wasn’t just about the technology, it was about the party.

Because boy oh boy Sagittarius looooooves to party.

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Studio 54: Credit

Nobody can deny that Disco was about dancing, but it was also about getting glammed up and going out to party your uh..nose off.  The term “clubbing” evolved from that era, becoming synonymous with going out at night to ingest mood-altering substances and dance to bass-pounding electronic music.

Coincidentally, Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, which is often involved in the arts (most famously music). The Disco/Techno era can hardly avoid the topic of cocaine and Ecstasy, with famous drug busts surrounding the Studio 54 Nightclub and the epic Raves of the 90s. So Sagittarius in Neptune could be about exploring music through a party atmosphere and bringing together people of all backgrounds via dance. Perhaps the Neptune/Pluto conjunction of the last 100 years or so, added a deeper, darker transformative element to the party.

If Disco is the mother of Techno, then DJs born during the Disco & Post-Disco age successively gave birth to the EDM universe we know today. And it is a universe, a global web of international music shared across thousands of cultures (*cough* Sagittarius..). And the reason it’s so global is because it’s not about words: written or spoken. Techno and EDM have been criticized for being “dumb” or “shallow”, because the lyrics (if any) are not shall we say, deep. Often one or two sentances are repeated over a single beat. The days of Neptune in Scorpio’s lyrically-driven, deeply critical counter-culture music were no more (which explains the Hippie generation’s disdain for Disco music).

The documentary Better Living Through Circuitry shows the mingling of Disco and Techno culture, and how bringing people together in order to create a dance floor energy is the entire point of a Rave. This is what Neptune in Sagittarius created. The kids at those raves  (and the DJs) were the Neptune in Sag kids. If you haven’t seen it, go watch!

The rise of “The Festival” is nothing more than the rise of the ultimate party: Neptune in Sagittarius.

And while techno may not be about the lyrics, it doesn’t mean there’s not a connection to something deeper, something more spiritual. That Neptunian aspect of music, where you can’t describe the feeling you get, but it none-the-less gives you goosebumps when you hear it, is the basis of Trance, Ambient or Deep House (sub genres of techno).

Disco & electronic music was/is embraced by gay, straight, ethnically diverse, sexually ambiguous, artistically expressive & spiritually experimental cultures. It’s a unifying atmosphere surrounded by a single element: dancing.

Also the tribal aspect of electronic music, where people move to a drum beat, in a ritualistic attempt to get closer to God/Spirituality/Heightened Awareness, or to find a feeling of ecstasy is Neptune in Sag AF.  Raves, techno, EDM, call it what you will, it’s an opportunity to move in creative, non-linear modes of bodily expression, and perhaps have your mind-blown in the process.

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More research to come!

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