NORWAC & Phillip Sedgwick

So I’m hot off the plane, returning from NORWAC and I just had to blog. I was psyched to see Phillip Sedgwick talk, since he seems to be one of the leading minds on the astrology of the Galactic Center. After being informed that my Neptune is on the GC, I started Googling everything I could on the subject. Since it’s a relatively new concept in Astrology, I came across only a few websites, and Phillip Sedgwick’s was definitely the most in-depth. He even writes on how to tap into and work with the energy of the GC, which was pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Channeling the CG 😮

Needless to say, when I found out that a) I won tickets to NORWAC via The Astrology Podcast and b) Phillip Sedgwick would be there, I was feeling quite a rush of Neptune, something like synchronistic euphoria.

At the conference (which was amazing, a totally different vibe than the NCGR event in Feb) , I also learned that Mr. Sedgwick is a screenwriter and filmmaker! Astrology AND writing? My two studies? I need to meet this guy!

I ended up only shaking hands with him at the end of the conference, but I did throw out “I’m from Albuquerque” and he lives in Tuscon. Maybe we can connect in the future. I feel like I need to get into this dude’s brain and share a bit of mine. Too much synchronicity is going on for me to ignore it.

Phillip spoke about clearing out defunct data from your brain, so it can make room for the epic shit that is coming from the Milky Way’s vertex. We all contain useless information, limiting belief systems, anxieties and lies that are stuck in our psyche: Things that take up mental space but don’t help us.

So basically we need to DEFRAG our minds.

He outlines some excellent points on meditation and channeling the energies, releasing old thoughts and accepting the new ones.  He also mentioned that another Astrologer Michael Erlewine had written during the early days of the GC, so I need to look up his work as well. He’s also a musician, so yep, yep YEP!

“You must have your soulful energy invested, or else your affirmation is hollow.” – Phillip Sedgwick, NORWAC 2017

So no half-assed, superficial intentions here. This is a rare opportunity, and I feel lucky enough to become aware of the energies. Saturn says “make it so!” You need to will it into something concrete and tangible.  COMMIT to the dream, to your feelings, to the Neptune in your life.

On a similar note, I did my first paid Astrology reading while at NORWAC . It’s official. I made it real and tangible. Saturn on my Neptune/Galactic Center, man. It’s happening. Crazy magic!


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