Music & Astrology: Research

I’ve started my research on Music & Astrology, simultaneously trying to integrate my business of hula hooping with the trifecta of mind/body/spirit. Music has always been a part of my life, seeped into the walls of my family history, so when I discovered my Neptune was on the Galactic Center, I suppose it was only natural that I connected the dots. Music is an interpretive art. Astrology is an interpretive art. Hooping is an interpretive art. But all based on scientific movement/dynamic motion: Orbital resonance. The harmonics of the spheres.

So I’m reading about the ratios of the planetary orbits: how Pluto circles the sun twice in the same Neptune circles it three times, creating a 3:2 ratio, which is also called “the perfect 5th” in music theory.  It’s all highly technical mathematics, quite intense for someone so deeply enmeshed in the arts. Astrologers aren’t just making shit up, I promise. There is real study into history, science, politics, sociology, math, geography, psychology & philosophy. Many prominent Astrologers have Masters or PhDs.

On top of the technical study of music and planetary motion, I’m also digging into the Astrological interpretation of Neptune, starting with Steven Forrest’s new book.  It’s wonderful, approachable delve into a very abstract topic, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Getting in touch with your Neptune is no easy task, because there are no words for tapping into mysticism and the ethereal. It’s a feeling, an experience of the unknown.
The Commitments, 1991 (Go rent it now if you haven’t seen it)

In college, my Undergrad Thesis was on the film adaptation of Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments. I was trying to prove that not all books are superior to the film adaptation; my main point being that film has the benefit of using sound, and more specifically music. I argued that a book about music/bands/songs can never truly replicate the experience of hearing music in the flesh. Even if we are reading lyrics on the page, along with a description of that scene taking place, it cannot replace the feeling, the emotion, the essence of hearing real music.

In our “Novel to Film” seminar we discussed the differences between the two mediums: writing is symbolic, film is literal (ha, ironic). I wanted to go a step further and add if these were so, then music is evocative.  There’s not a person who hasn’t experienced a wave of emotion, goosebumps on their skin, a nostalgic memory, warmth in their chest, adrenaline in their blood, all evoked by the sound of music.

Evoke is a very Neptunian word.

Neptune-in-astrology-glyphMusic pulls something from the void and into our consciousness. It creates a physical reaction in us, inspires movement. It compels us to vocalize, something even more ancient than the written word. Sometimes we are so overcome with emotion, we cannot contain ourselves in the presence of a specific piece of music. Music is magic ya’ll, and so is Neptune 😉

Steven Forrest talks about TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects) and since these include the demoted Pluto, Neptune has been promoted to the furthest planet in our solar system: The watcher of the abyss, the lighthouse on the edge of the oceanic galaxy. It’s appropriate that Neptune is also the Sea God, considering we humans have explored less than 5% of the planet’s oceans. Likewise, we’ve barely even touched the expanse of the galaxy, and we continue to ponder the mysteries of the unconscious brain.

Neptune is all about that. It’s the stuff we don’t have answers to, but still has an effect on our lives. We may not have the words as to how, why or what it is, but we can feel it. 

Neptune is non-verbal. Music is non-verbal. Hula Hooping is non-verbal. It’s instinctive. Intuitive. Evocative.

This research stuff is pretty cool.. 🙂


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