Cardinal Energy: a short story

There are three modes of energy in Astro-speak: Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal. Each sign in the Zodiac is assigned one of these qualities.

  • Mutable is changing, morphing, constantly moving and adapting energy.
  • Fixed is just that: stable, impermeable, sustainable (sometimes stagnant) energy. But what does “cardinal” mean?

I have 12 chart placements in Cardinal signs. The following story is an incident that happened when I was about 9 years old:

My mother and I were at my favorite shop in Bennington, VT.  I had my eye on an item that was both sparkly and colorful, but out of my mom’s price range for childish frivolities. But I really wanted it, and I was insistent that I needed to leave the store with it TODAY.

My mother calmly said, “Save up your money and come back in a few weeks when you can buy it.”

Totally exasperated, I looked at her with wild eyes. “But Mooooom! I won’t want it thennnnnn.”

I remember the look my mother gave me: one of incredulous, almost humorous disgust. I was reading her thoughts: Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Why would anyone buy you anything?

Whether I was aware of it or not, I was voicing my own cardinal energy.  The spark of desire, the flame of inspiration, the light-bulb that clicks on and immediately burns out.  I can’t even remember what the object was- that’s how cardinal my energy is.  All I knew was that my want for that object was going to fade. I could feel it.

Let’s just say I was not the kid who was attached to their toys. Let’s also say I have a box full of unfinished novels, half-filled sketch books and sheet music for instruments that I started learning but never mastered.

Cardinal energy is quick, intense and unstable. It’s good for getting projects started, 100 meter dashes, interviews and auditions. At work,  I usually complete my tasks within the first 2 hours. I don’t know how to spread it out during the day.  It’s also why I  lose interest in my job within the first year. I’m very good at beginnings, not so good at endings.

Want to know about the energy in your chart? Send me an email or check out the Astrolicious shop for a reading 🙂


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