Mother’s Day- A Taurus Holiday

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I always breathe a sigh of

Mother Taurus bringing solace and growth out of the darkness

relief once Aries season is over. No offense to the ram, but every April is so chaotic and tense. The energy is buzzing with anxiety, the weather is absolutely bi-polar, and something abrupt or violent always seems to happen. My moon in Aries is in the 12th house, so this time of year is always a season of pain and loss for me.  I’ve had 2 grandparents, 1 mother-in-law, as well the relationship with my baby daddy all die during the early weeks of spring.

But ahhh Taurus.. my rising sign. I’m happy here, comfortable, and at peace. I chill way the F*** out, pull out the lawn chair, close my eyes & let the sun warm my face. My mentor describes Taurus energy as “tranquil”, and who doesn’t like to be tranquil?

Of course the weather helps us embrace this Taurus energy. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are really feeling spring now. The bull’s signature emerald green color is popping off everywhere. Here in New Mexico, where we are inundated with ruddy desert shades year round, everyone’s eyes are lighting up at just how green our state is right now.  It’s fleeting but oh so refreshing and gorgeous. Yay! Spring is here! Things are growing! Taurus is ruling! Hallelujah!

It’s appropriate that in the midst of our fecund Taurus season, we will be sending out thousands of bouquets to our givers of life. Lily-loving Easter may be the kickoff for Taurus season, but it’s definitely Mother’s Day that takes the flowery cake. Not just bouquets, but gardening-related items, houseplants and other growing, living gifts dominate this holiday.


So…flowers are obviously associated with motherhood, as well as Taurus, and it’s ruling planet Venus.  I often talk about the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand as my favorite representation of Taurus: the little bull who would rather sit under a tree and smell the flowers. Likewise, Ferdinand’s Taurian mother is totally content to let him be the peace-loving, flower-smelling pacifist he is.

I love flowers. Receiving them, buying them, growing them, smelling them. I’m 35 and I still stop and stick my nose in a bloom as I pass by. I was totally Ferdinand the Bull as a kid. Add that to my Pisces sun.. I could sit in a garden painting, daydreaming & simply staring off into the distance for hours. I’d often fall asleep amongst the flowers.  In a less romanticized time of my life, my friends would often find me barefoot, passed out under a tree during parties in my 20s :/ .

The Abduction of Europa by Noel-Nicolas Coypel (1762)

The Archetypes of Taurus include Gaia, the original mother who birthed the creatures of earth, after enjoying a fruitful relationship with Ouranos: the stars & sky. Taurus ruled Venus was also a mother; her offspring being Eros/Cupid who was born of passionate love between his mom and Mars, the God of war.  I guess it’s safe to say that whether we were the product of passing down the family name, spreading our genomes, or a one-night stand, mothers are manifested in many ways.

Taurus is all of that: love, pleasure, enjoyment of all things physical including sex, food, deep tissue massages, spa days, perfume, silks, fine wine, chocolate- ironically all things we tend to give for mother’s day gifts, on top of the plethora of flowers.

Well, you were a bit of a Mother Hen in preschool.

My ultra-Taurus friend’s mom described her daughter in this way, which couldn’t be more fitting. She was the kid who “played house” and baked cookies, dressed up in her mom’s clothes and got into her makeup drawer.

I know many Taurian moms who are tough as nails, tattooed and bad ass, so the bull is no pushover. They assert their femininity solidly usually with *ahem* colorful language 😉 Even if they have disdain for the perfumed bouquets received on Mother’s Day, every Taurus can appreciate the earthy growth a flower represents.

So celebrate your moms this May by honoring the love that created you, the bed you grew from, the ground your mom dug through, making sure your roots had a solid foundations.  And if nothing else, honor the earth you live on: your original Taurian mother.


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