A Venusian Saturn = Basic Bitch

Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Saturn doesn’t let us get away with anything. He’s the strictest teacher you ever had; the guitar instructor who made you practice until your fingers bled, Mr. Miyagi who told you to repeat “Wax on, Wax off” the correct way. He’s always there, watching your progress, looking at the clock, waiting for you to learn your lessons. He’s the character builder. But you have to do the work.

I suppose we all have a love/hate relationship with Saturn, but it’s especially present in my own astrological makeup. Although Venus rules my chart, she’s in Capricorn and in mutual reception with Saturn (exalted) in Libra. Mutual reception means the two planets are hanging out in each others’ most comfortable signs.

Exalted is defined as “placed at a high or powerful level; held in high regard.”

So it’s safe to say I definitely feel Saturn in my life. He’s a gracious host for my Venus, but he doesn’t let her put her feet up on the couch without removing her shoes first. His house, his rules.

Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Helen Berger

The archetype of Saturn is also sometimes characterized as Father Time: a wise, ancient grandfather figure, who keeps track of the minutes and hours, but also feels the weight of time passage. He’s at the mercy of that ticking clock.   The weight of time has taken it’s toll, leaving a harsh, cold, impervious exterior. Saturn in unforgiving. Saturn is the necessary structure: the steel beams that hold up our sky scrapers and the cement foundation that our homes are built on.

I like to think of my Venus-y Exalted Libra Saturn as a kinder, gentler version of Father Time lol.

When I was a kid, my hippie mom used to read me this book called Grandfather Twilight. It told the story of an old man who lives in the woods with his dog and cat. Every evening he goes to his treasure chest and takes out a single pearl. He then takes his dog on a long walk to the ocean, where he lifts the pearl up to the sky, where it grows and transforms into the moon. All a long his twilight-colored cloak blankets the woods with it’s light. It’s a dreamy, mystical story of time: the closing of each day by a wise grandad.

This is definitely my Saturn: rose-colored and calm in comfy slippers, but beholden to his daily schedule (the moon depends on him closing the day by bringing the twilight!). I’ve always been aware of the things you just have to do. The dishes. The laundry. Making money. Buying food. These are the things that make the world go around, that fill the moments of our day. Saturn is also in the 6th House of mundane and menial tasks… go figure!

But these are also the things that give me comfort. And with Saturn in Libra, he likes creating structure for others too. I’m forever telling my Gemini daughter to make lists, to write her homework down in her planner, making sure her clothes are ready for Spirit Day. Yeah, I’m that mom.

Couple this with my Venus in Capricorn: I’m practical with my money. The things I buy are for my family, friends, boyfriend, kid, cats, home, car. I hardly ever buy myself something frivolous. I don’t like brand names or bling. I think people with 50+ shoes are insane. I wear the same 5 outfits to work every week until they are rags. Yeah I’m that consumer.

So it’s safe to say I’m basic AF. Thanks Venusian Saturn.

Practicality, taking care of others and mundane structure are my go-to areas of life. I’m good at it. I’m comfortable there. I was a single mom for 8 years and I actually liked that hectic, hard-working, 100% do-it-on-your-own life. I don’t know many people who would say that lol.

” There’s just one problem with all this,” hisses my Aries Moon conjunct Eris.  “It’s boorrrrringggggg.”

Did I mention Libra Saturn is opposite my Aries Moon? haha FML.

Because Saturn is boring. Nobody likes doing their multiplication tables over and over until it’s perfect. The work that goes into developing character is NOT fun. The endless hours of practice, study, discipline and limits are exhausting, grueling and (for some) downright painful.

And when you are a Pisces artist, writer, actor, hoop maker, astrologer (see where I’m going here) that structure and mundane daily work can feel like death for your creativity.  When you are deep into Act II of a script, or 60 minutes to a hoop flow sesh, or painting a rapidly descending sunset, you”re not going to stop and do the dishes. But my Saturn wants me to. My Saturn NEEDS me to fulfill the mundane!

I’ve talked about my Aries Moon in the 12th, and how bitchy it is. Add a tight conjunction (1° orb) to Eris, and my moon is straight up PISSED. It’s mad because just as Saturn wants the mundane to be fulfilled, the Moon DEMANDS its emotional needs are met.

This basically translates to:

“Why the F*** should I do the dishes?! I want to meditate and paint! But by God someone else better do them or I’m gonna lose my mind if they sit in the sink for hours!”

I’m a bundle of contradictions, let me tell you. But aren’t we all? 😉

The struggle with finding that inner peace/happiness/zen/enlightenment/bliss whatever you call expressing every aspect of your true self, especially when parts of your personality are in conflict.

Astrologer Rick Levine said “It’s not necessarily about being only the best or highest planets and signs, it may simply be to find a way of letting each planet and sign come out and express themselves”

I found this to ring true. We all hide parts of ourselves that are unmanageable, disagreeable, inappropriate and difficult to express. For me, I think my Venusian Saturn is pretty well integrated lol, but I tend to keep my bitchy Aries Moon hidden as much as possible, that is, until she explodes into a psycho ball of flame.

Saturn may just need to step aside so the moon can come out and play.


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